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What Goes into a Green and Sustainable Condominium?


With climate change becoming more and more evident, it’s our responsibility to make greener choices in our lives. This includes our choice of where to live, as well as green practices that we can implement at home.

If you are on the verge of looking for a condominium unit, whether to buy one or to rent one, you also have a way to stay green by choosing more sustainable condominium options. In order to help you find one, here are some things that go with a green and sustainable condominium that you should look for:

1.   Sustainable design

A true sustainable condominium is green right from conception. There are different green certifying bodies such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED which recognizes buildings that adhere to green design standards.

While not all may have such certifications, there are builders with signature green architecture. A good example is the Sheridan Towers, who’s recently-turned over North Tower makes for a great green condo for rent in Mandaluyong City, features the Lumiventt technology of DMCI, a leading residential developer in the Philippines. This green design allows natural light to enter the building, and also let air circulate throughout the building. This helps reduce the need for lighting, as well as ventilation.

Of course, aside from design, sustainable condominiums should also now be using more sustainable construction materials, which serve as better alternatives to traditional options that did not consider their impact on the environment.

2.   Efficient fixtures, lighting, and appliances

Aside from the building, what’s also important is to have green options for what we put in the condo. This includes making use of energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and other electrical appliances.

Water-efficient toilets and showers also help achieve sustainability. Dual-flush toilets help minimize the amount of water that we use per flush as compared to single flush toilets that empty the whole tank in just one flush. Low-flow and high-pressure showerheads also help reduce the amount of water we consume when cleaning ourselves up.

Sensors also help ensure that certain devices are only activated when needed. Sensors in the sink help ensure that the faucet is turned off when not in use. Carbon monoxide sensors in parking areas also help reduce the need to have exhaust running 24/7.

3.   Cleaner energy sources, rainwater collection

A lot of buildings are trying to do their part in tapping more renewable sources of energy such through the installation of solar panels. Rainwater catchment can also help in being more water-efficient, reducing the need for commercially-sourced water for certain activities.

4.   Sustainable practices

Beyond the condo itself, the most important thing that a sustainable condominium should have in order to be truly green is the implementation of green practices.

This starts from proper waste management. Waste should be segregated, promoting the recycling of certain materials.

Greener cleaning products should also be used in replacement of traditional cleaning products that actually cause harm to the environment.

Your property management and condo association should also implement initiatives that reduce the use of paper, going for digitization where possible.

Your condo association should also partner with green organizations, helping out in green initiatives from time to time, supporting them as they thrive for a greener.

Go green with the right sustainable condo for you

To do your part in helping save the environment, it’s really a good idea to choose more sustainable options in the things we need in our day-to-day lives, including where we live. So check for greener condo options around you. Looking for the 4 things above can help you make the right green choice when choosing a condo for you.

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