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Watermark 3D now protects colored files thanks to a recent update


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Thanks to a recent update, Watermark 3D is now compatible with colored 3D files. The update adds 3 new formats that can be watermarked, including OBJ, GLB, and DAE/Collada – to an already-supported STL. The update is currently in testing as models with color information are trickier than models without. The company is encouraging users to try the updated version and provide the company with feedback.

3D models are the foundation of games, art, cartoons, commercials, jewelry making, and many other things. Considering that there are millions of 3D files shared online and that this number is growing every day, these 3D models are, like many creative properties, subject to theft, unauthorized commercial use, or copy. A significant number of authors face the issue of their files being stolen, even from platforms with restricted access, and then used without permission.

Watermark 3D now protects colored files thanks to a recent update. The update adds 3 new formats, including OBJ, GLB, and DAE/Collada.

The company’s software was developed as a solution to this common problem. The software places, as the name suggests, a watermark on a 3D file. Once applied, the mark is hidden and does not interfere with the file’s geometry or mesh. It allows creators to sign their (now colored) models, and also check the files for the presence of any existing signatures.

According to the company, “Simply stated, Watermark 3D is a unique system for embedding hidden information into a 3D file without any structural changes or visual marks. The watermark can only be detected if the 3D file is uploaded to Watermark 3D and with the correct password. Compare it with traditional watermarks on banknotes where the identifying patterns are only visible when the note is held against a light. As for 3D models, our watermarks are near impossible to detect or duplicate,”

Watermark 3D’s tool is free for personal use with a limit of 10 watermarks per day. The option for companies to purchase a commercial subscription is also available.


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