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Verizon 5G Ultra-Wide Band Services Now Available to 1 Million+ More Customers


More than one million more customers in Atlanta, Georgia, now have access to Verizon’s award-winning 5G Ultra-Wideband network, which offers faster speeds and more capacity. With download speeds up to 10 times faster than Verizon’s typical 4G LTE rates, a safer alternative to free Wi-Fi, video conferencing with fewer frozen faces, and console-quality mobile gaming, Verizon’s high-performance 5G Ultra Wideband offers game-changing advantages.

Parts of the Georgian cities of Milton, Lawrenceville, Kennesaw, McDonough, and Hiram are served by the increased coverage. The service also extends to parts of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, western Clayton County, eastern Cherokee County, and areas of southwestern Forsyth County, southeast Fulton County, North Fulton County, and the latter two counties in Fulton.

Customers’ pockets now have access to Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, which offers strength and performance on par with a broadband internet connection. With download speeds of up to one gigabit per second and the ability to support data-intensive actions from several devices at once, 5G Ultra Wideband enables people to carry out tasks that previously required a home internet connection. Everything from downloading large documents to smoothly streaming HD audio and video from movies, to playing console-calibre games, to holding video chats, video conferencing, and FaceTime conversations with crystal-clear audio and video, is included in this.

And in the near future, a large number of users will have access to this service thanks to Verizon’s continuous, rapid rollout of its 5G Ultra Wideband service. By the end of this year, Verizon intends to provide 5G Ultra Wideband to 175 million POPs in the US, and by the end of 2024, it will have reached at least 250 million POPs.

5G Ultra Wideband

Customers will require one of Verizon’s most recent 5G phones with the most recent software update set up in settings in order to benefit from the 5G Ultra Wideband. The timing is now more than ever to upgrade or change. The top 5G smartphones from Verizon are currently on sale in-store, and online at Verizon’s website.

Additionally, customers will desire one of Verizon’s most recent plans. Customers can visit a store, utilise the My Verizon app, or go to to sign up for our premium 5G Unlimited plans, 5G Get More, 5G Play More, and 5G Do More. Customers can also study Verizon’s 5G Start or the brand-new Welcome Unlimited plans if they want a great deal and access to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network. The Business Unlimited Pro Data Device and the Business Unlimited Plus Data Device are two business-oriented plans. Plan shopping is available for business clients at

Verizon is extending its wireless home and business internet services, powered by 5G Ultra Wideband, in conjunction with this network expansion. With AutoPay and a premium 5G mobile plan, Verizon Home Internet starts at just $25 per month – all without additional costs, equipment fees, annual commitments, or data limitations. Verizon Home Internet is still available for just $50 per month with Auto Pay for new customers who don’t currently have Verizon cellphone service. The home’s connected devices, such as Smart TVs, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, and more, may be powered by the service since it is dependable and quick enough. There aren’t any annual contracts, hidden costs, or equipment costs. Furthermore, the pricing will always remain the same. Customers can see if their home is covered by Verizon at

Verizon’s 5G Business Internet is available to Atlanta companies. Fast wireless business internet, known as 5G Business Internet, is made possible by 5G Ultra Wideband. For businesses of all sizes, this wireless alternative to cable internet features limitless bandwidth, different pricing and service options, professional installation or self-installation alternatives, and a 10-year price guarantee for 5G Business Internet service. Visit and enter an address to discover what service is offered to learn more about Verizon 5G Business Internet.

Verizon continues to show its dedication to the Peach State by supporting public safety organisations around the state, in addition to introducing game-changing technologies for locals and tourists in Atlanta.

In Georgia, the Verizon Frontline Response Team provided first responders on the front lines of numerous emergency response operations with mission-critical communications capabilities in 2021. In support of state and local public safety agencies in Georgia, around 130 Verizon Frontline equipment and solutions were deployed, including mobile hotspots, routers, smart devices, drones, and deployable satellite systems like Satellite Picocells on Trailers (SPOTs).

The COVID-19 immunisation campaign and big public gatherings were just a few of the things the Verizon Frontline Response Team helped Georgia’s first responders deal with. For instance, the team was requested to assist the Newnan, Georgia, Department of Public Works and the Coweta County Emergency Management Agency in the wake of a tornado that devastated the area in March 2021. The team was also requested to assist with a benefit concert held to aid the same community in its recovery months later.

As the Verizon Frontline Response Team has previously taken part in numerous public safety operations and training exercises alongside Georgia public safety authorities, this support has continued throughout 2022. As part of Verizon Frontline’s continued commitment to investing in and innovating in collaboration with public safety and government, this ongoing support is given to local agencies at no cost.


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