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UXD Lab Interview Experience for Internship


Hi everyone, I recently got the opportunity to get interviewed at UXD Lab in their Noida office itself. I got to know about this opportunity through my college. They had an MOU signed with the organization so we went there in a batch of 25.

They were offering 3 roles, each with 1 opening. The roles were:

  • Frontend Developer Intern
  • Backend Developer Intern
  • Quality Engineer Intern

For the off-campus drive, the interview process had 4 rounds with questions getting difficult as you progress through each round. 

Round 1: CS Fundamentals and Aptitude(45 mins): Around 30 questions covering Computer Networks, Operating Systems, DBMS, Quants, Reasoning, and Predict the output (C) were asked in this round in MCQ format. Most of the questions were based on looping, decision-making, and basic subjective knowledge. The test duration was strictly 40 mins. 

Round 2 (General Programming-1 hour): The next we had our programming test. We were allowed to code in our preferred language. There were 3 questions asked:

  • Check for Palindrome String
  • Print Fibonacci Series till N
  • Check for Armstrong Number

Round 3(Technical Interview-20 mins): In this round, firstly I was asked for a brief introduction of mine as to what all technologies am I accustomed to and what all projects have I made on them. I had to explain my projects in detail and then they asked a few questions on Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and HTML. They put up questions on Java script as the profile I applied to was Frontend Engineer Intern. They asked which programming language I prefer. Then, they asked for some puzzles to test my problem-solving abilities. After that, we were told that the shortlisted students will be given a final technical and HR round.

Round 4 (Final Technical Round and HR-20 mins): In this round, firstly they went deeper into projects and asked me to share all difficulties I faced while in the making of the project. Then they put up questions as to how I got along with those problems. They asked questions on React Hooks, React Routing, and Bootstrap usage. They asked me what I know about UXD Labs and its projects, why I want to join them as a trainee, and for how long.  Then, finally, they asked what do I expect as the stipend during the internship.


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