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UR+ ecosystem adds module to automate blasting processes


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The UR+ certified Bachmann Blasting Unit. | Credit: Bachmann Engineering

Switzerland-based Bachmann Engineering recently received UR+ certification from Universal Robots for its Bachmann Blasting Unit (BBU) solution. The certification guarantees compatibility with UR’s collaborative robots (cobots) and compliance with specific quality criteria.

The BBU is a complete attachment set that enables the automatic insertion of workpieces into existing blast machines. This process is mastered with a transfer station that ensures the bellows and coupling system are fixed in their exact position. The system is designed so that the robot connects the bearing flange and gripper flange in a force-fit manner. This allows the robot to move the workpiece with positional accuracy in the blasting machine during the blasting process. When the process is complete, the robot arm guides the workpiece out and deposits it on a workpiece carrier.

“We are very pleased that, thanks to the certification, we can now offer the Bachmann Blasting Unit throughout the world as a UR+ product,” said Andrea Alboni, regional manager, western Europe, Universal Robots. “”The certification is a testimony to the innovative strength of Bachmann Engineering AG.”

UR is a pioneer and the world’s leading developer of cobots. UR cobots are designed for loads up to 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 16 kg. It was acquired by Teradyne in 2015 for $285 million. Teradyne also owns AutoGuide Mobile Robots, Energid, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). UR generated a record $311 million in revenue in 2021, which accounts for nearly 83% of all revenue for Teradyne’s industrial automation group.

“We are proud that with the BBU we can now offer a first product with UR+ certification,” said Marc Strub, CEO of Bachmann Engineering AG. “Cost pressure and a shortage of skilled workers are forcing many companies to look for creative solutions – the use of UR cobots in combination with UR+ products is an obvious choice.”

UR+ products are third-party peripherals and solutions that have been tested by Universal Robots for compatibility with UR cobots. The UR+ ecosystem recently certified Extend Robotics‘ Advanced Mechanical Assistance System (AMAS) that enables users to control robotic arms remotely from anywhere in the world. The system works with user-friendly technology like Oculus and StreamVR, making it accessible to non-technical users.

UR, PickNik Robotics, and FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik recently released the first version the open-source ROS 2 driver for UR’s cobots. The ros2_control powered driver is compatible across the entire line of UR robots.


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