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Top Factors to Consider While Buying An Air Purifier


In the 21st century, the world has witnessed some of the greatest inventions and innovations. With the help of technology, people have enhanced their living standards. Their lives have become more convenient and less challenging.

One of these influential inventions and trends is using air purifiers. These have become an integral part of people’s lives with the increasing diseases. Air purifiers have also become important after the COVID-19 storm.

The primary aim of these devices is to deliver quality air. But, with various fake and unauthorized companies in the market selling these air purifiers, the risk of buying fake products has increased. However, experts suggest customers buy branded purifiers like Hiso Air Purifier to get the best quality air purifiers at reasonable rates.

Apart from buying from reliable sources, there are many essential things to keep in mind before buying air purifiers. The following sections describe these factors to give a complete buying guide.

6 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Air Purifiers

customers' buying decisions for air purifiers

There are numerous factors that influence customers’ buying decisions for air purifiers. The following points highlight some of the top factors.

1.   Installed Filters In Purifier

The type of air filter is the most crucial aspect of any air purifier. It determines the absorbing capacity of the device. The installed filtration system also controls the size and type of contaminants it will absorb.

One of the most common filters includes the HEPA filter, which is usually installed to eliminate pet skin and dander. Carbon filters are also widely used for removing kitchen smells such as smoke, bad smell, etc. Accordingly, different filters are suitable for specific functions. It depends on the environment and needs of the person to get the best filter air purifier.

Some filters are equipped with ozone generators which help eliminate mold. But, people should note that if they are suffering from lung diseases, they should not buy these filters. Health issues and conditions should be considered while purchasing an air purifier. Moreover, there are air purifiers with multiple filters installed with better efficiency.

2.   Hall Or Room Dimensions

A person will be next required to understand the dimensions of their room to get the best air quality in that room. The price of the air purifiers increases with the increase in the total room area.

If the hall is spacious and the air purifier is small, it will fail to occupy or cover the entire room. Ideally, people prefer heavy and compact purifiers for long-term usage and durability. However, the best trick to identify the room measurements and the most suitable purifier size is to check the ‘Air Changes Per Hour’ mentioned on the device’s label. It is recommended to buy a purifier larger than the ideal needs of the room.

3.   Efficiency & Performance Through ACH and CADR

ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) and CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) are the two most significant indices for measuring the efficiency and power of the air purifier. The former shows the frequency of delivering the polluted or contaminated air again within a particular room dimension.

It is a decent measure of air efficiency. When the ACH rating is higher, the air purifiers are more efficient. On the other hand, CADR measures the device’s efficiency in eliminating and preventing different contaminants.

These components or elements include smoke, dust, and pollen. Similar to ACH, higher CADR implies a better performance of the device. It can be found that the fan speed may also affect the ACH and CADR rating. Higher fan speed results in better ratings and vice versa.

4.   Noise Generation

Before buying an air purifier, a person should research it well. They should consider the reviews about different air purifiers. In this process, go through the noise generation of various devices. An air purifier becomes challenging to manage when it produces high noise levels.

It will not function properly and lose its impact slowly. The source of this noise is the embedded fan in the device. When a person buys an air purifier, they should ensure that the noise level is below 50 decibels.

These fans purify the air after forcing it into various stages of filters. This passage of air causes different noise levels. These noises can be disturbing at night while sleeping due to the quiet environment.

5.   Energy Consumption

Apart from the noise level, the other crucial factor to consider is the energy consumption of the device. Pure air can cost a lot on utility bills. The smaller the size of the purifier, the lesser will be the energy consumption. Therefore, based on the budget, a person should buy the cleansers. They can also refer to the energy-star certifications or energy-efficient details mentioned on the labels while purchasing.

6.   Maintenance Costs

Maintenance cost is also a vital component when deciding on an air purifier. There are various types of air purifiers in the market that require low maintenance costs. It means they do not require a regular replacement.

On the other hand, purifiers built with expensive technology might require regular replacement. For example, HEPA filters need entire replacement as they are disposable. Some devices require a routine cleaning or pre-wash, which can be done manually or using the equipment. Therefore, a person should consider replacement intervals, costs, durability, and washing requirements before buying an air purifier.

Bottom Line

Air purifiers have become a new revolution in the market. It has created a buzz with people buying these devices for better health and living. The above guide provides a comprehensive analysis of different things to take into account while buying one. Apart from these, smart features, certifications, customer service, brand name, etc., are other factors to keep in mind while purchasing this device.

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