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Tindie Blog | Tindie Sellers At Superbooth: Lumanoise!


Continuing our look back at Superbooth 2022, where I managed to catch up with some Tindie sellers on my travels! This time, we take a look at Lumanoise aka Leploop and their innovative electronic devices designed and made in Italy. Scroll down to see my conversation with the maker, Tony, in Berlin earlier this month, and read on to find out what he sells on Tindie.

Lumanoise is a unique product in the synth world, being controlled principally through an LDR – or Light Dependent Resistor, meaning a swish of the hand over its sensor, or an illuminating burst of light alters the way it generates sound. It’s got some history too, being based on the Trautonium, which was designed in the 1940s by Oskar Sala.

We were so impressed by the Lumanoise that it appeared in our Gear of the year awards for 2021, winning the prestigious Lightspeed Synth Award no less! Within the Lumanoise Store, they sell two models of their portable synth; the version 4 shown below, and a TR-808 inspired cymbal drone generator. However you decide to shine a light upon these musical gadgets, you’ll be sure to find sounds generated by light, an inspiring form of interaction.

Superbooth turned 20 this year, with a focus on small boutique manufacturers of innovative tools and devices from the world of electronic music instruments – where established brands are also welcome to show their wares!

And here’s the Lumanoise in it’s own dedicated demo video:


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