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Tindie Blog | Tindie Sellers At Superbooth: Keurslager Kurt!


Earlier this month, a host of independent synth makers, manufacturers, and brands headed over to Berlin to showcase their latest releases and make connections with the audience at Superbooth! I had the chance to visit with Sonicstate, and took the opportunity to speak to some of the folks selling on Tindie, including the seller Keurslager Kurt; who makes AE Modular Modules focused on making electronic music more accessible, space friendly, and affordable.

Zeno of Keurslager Kurt has 5 modules on sale as kits and as finished units in this diminutive but powerful modular format on Tindie. In the video, he demonstrates Boost, Five Steps, and a prototype of the dinky new one-third height AE standard; a sub-oscillator entitled WhatsUp – available on Tindie soon! We start off with a quick chat about the modules, followed by a demo of how they sound, and some discussions about future modules. Find out more about the AE Modular format by Tangible Waves here.

Superbooth turned 20 this year, with a focus on small boutique manufacturers of innovative tools and devices from the world of electronic music instruments – where established brands are also welcome.

Visit the Keurslager Kurt Store to see all of the excellent modules he’s selling, designed and made in Belgium. Here’s the Sonicstate video of the modules in action, as explained by Zeno, the maker!


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