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Tindie Blog | Build Your Own ‘Sparks’ Madness Basketball Court


Basketball has captured the heart of the world in its “short” 130 years of existence. It’s been played all over, such as at the Summer Olympics, between rival schools in the ever-beloved March Madness tournament, and in pick-up games in neighborhoods every day. The game has evolved over the years, to the point where we even have robots playing basketball. If you yourself want to combine basketball and technology, the REX Woody Desktop Basketball Game is the perfect weeknight project!

This kit includes all the parts you need to construct two basketball hoops, launchers, and the simple circuitry to make it all work – you just need a 9V battery to get started. When you land that perfect 2-point shot, the tinfoil ball completes the circuit of the hoop and turns on an LED at the top! A manual score tracker on each courtside lets your competitive nature come out and see who can make it to five baskets first. If you’ve got some spare components as well, the simple nature of this kit makes it easy to hack in your own additions such as a buzzer!

With the end of many basketball seasons drawing close, these kits are a great idea to celebrate with those younger basketball athletes, budding electronic designers, and fans in your life. And if you love the style but aren’t a fan of hoops, check out Robotistan’s page for more projects like this, such as a moving Ferris Wheel or a controllable robot arm.


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