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Tindie Blog | Audio Visualization Turned Teensy


The first microcontroller that carried me away from the evergreen Arduino brand was the Teensy 4.0. I was trying to capture data at a rate I just couldn’t with an Arduino, and as I rooted around in my box of parts, I found the Teensy. Remembering just how fast of a processor it has – offering a baseline of 600MHz and options up to 1.008GHz with some active cooling – it was the perfect fit. The Teensy has become a favorite option for many projects requiring a faster sampling rate, most popular in audio visualizer projects. The TeensyVisualizer is another offspring of that match-made-in-heaven, giving the Teensy room to flex its stuff as a 14-channel audio visualizer.

This kit includes everything you need to build the 64×32 RGB LED visualizer, offering both a 3.5mm line-in and built-in microphone options for feeding in your sounds. You get all the components you need to populate the PCB, including a knob for controlling the brightness and a button to change the display mode. No code edits necessary! The visualizer utilizes a pair of MSGEQ7 ICs (working from 40 Hz to 16 kHz) meaning whatever your preferred genre of music this powerful kit will be able to pick up every peak and valley.

Whether you want the full kit to populate yourself or would rather have just the PCB so you can go on your own sourcing adventures, both options are available in dgorbonuv‘s store. Additionally, they also have a Github page for the project, giving you access to the code, bill of materials, and more for you to sink your teeth into this perfect weekend project. So add some color to your desk, and pick up this kit!


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