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The new Motorola RAZR 3 looks like a Galaxy Flip, and that’s a good thing


Motorola RAZR 2nd generation
Motorola RAZR, 2nd generation
Source: Pocketnow

Motorola has already teased the upcoming Motorola RAZR 3 foldable smartphone, but we haven’t seen any official render images. We know that the upcoming foldable will be powered by the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, and the new short video reveals that it will have two cameras, no notch or chin, and a new design that more closely resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The new video reveals a few important things about the Motorola Razr 3 foldable smartphone. The design appears to have changed a lot, and it no longer seems to resemble the classic Moto Razr that was announced in early 2003 and 2004. Instead, Motorola appears to be closely listening to feedback and making some significant changes.


How does the Motorola RAZR 3 resemble the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

A new video from Evan Blass reveals what may be the third generation of Motorola Razr 3 foldable smartphone. It looks like it may have borrowed a lot of design characteristics and features from the more successful Samsung Galaxy Z Flip line.

Say goodbye to the chin

The chin on the first and second generations of Razr smartphones was notoriously massive, and it was always pointed out that it wasn’t necessary. While those comments are subjective, they certainly made the device look more in line with its classic predecessor, and it was refreshing to see such an iconic feature stay on a modern smartphone.

However, it doesn’t appear that those design decisions converted a lot of people into giving Motorola their hard-earned money, and the company was forced to discount the price just a few months after releasing the device, suggesting that it wasn’t selling as well as the company had expected. While we have no proof for those changes, we can safely assume that Motorola decided to take another route and take some inspiration from the most popular foldable on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, with a more modern approach and bezel-less design.

Potentially larger external screen

Motorola RAZR

The video shows the external screen turning on when the device is fully folded, and at first glance, it appears to look slightly larger than the second generation Motorola Razr. For reference, the second generation has a 2.7-inch G-OLED display with a resolution of 600 x 800, and it was excellent for taking selfies, checking notifications, and more.

Even if the display size remains the same, we hope that Motorola makes some minor improvements to make it more usable, although that wasn’t a problem on previous Razr foldables.

Minimal crease

Motorola RAZR 3 internal display
Motorola RAZR 3 internal display
Twitter: evleaks (Evan Blass)

The video is very low resolution, and it doesn’t give us a lot of information, but we can clearly see the lack of the display crease in the center, where the device folds shut. The display looks seamless, and it looks like it won’t have any, or have a very minimal crease, but also keep in mind that the lighting conditions aren’t optimal on the video, and it could change.

Two cameras

The first generation Motorola Razr had a single 16MP f/1.7 sensor, while the second generation came with a 48MP f/1.7 camera on the back. The new leak reveals that the upcoming third-generation Motorola Razr may have two cameras on the back. If we make an assumption on the current trend, our money is on a traditional wide, primary sensor and an ultrawide camera setup, which would make it compete head-to-head with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and potentially the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a 12MP f/1.8 primary sensor and a 12MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera, and while many would love to see a telescope or telephoto camera, there is likely not enough space to squeeze in another camera in such a small form factor. It’s impossible to tell what the second sensor may be capable of doing, but we welcome it as it can only introduce additional features. Let’s hope the quality has also received some significant enhancements.

If the leak turns out to be true and legitimate, Motorola may have listened to the feedback and made some significant changes to make the Razr foldable lineup more competitive on the market. The device is no longer as easily distinguishable from the large crowd, but it will likely be a better smartphone, which is more important for general and non-tech savvy users.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in Purple folded and unfolded

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the phone to get if you’ve been itching to try out the folding form factor without breaking the bank.


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