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The content is well-curated, and it was attractive -Sandesh K R, PGP AIML




I started my career in Hewlett-Packard in Sep 2020 for 7 years and now working in Volvo for 4.6 years. Throughout my career, I have been working with multiple technologies as a developer and leading a couple of projects end to end in Volvo.

My Biggest Challenge before joining this program:

As part of a professional career, technical challenges are part of it, and facing them gives us enough strength to get better every day.

I wanted something more to be part of my personal and professional career to always learn new tech and be closer to them and thrust to learn new things was my challenge as just a few online youtube courses or crash courses for a month would never give full conceptual knowledge. As we are working professionals also can’t spend more time on weekdays studying ourselves due to professional commitments.

I chose this AIML platform due to the following reasons –

Course content: The content is curated, and it was attractive, as it was not just a theory. The program had hands-on sessions/projects for each concept, and this made us invest time and learn them

Accelerate program: Career guidance

Mentors: The list of mentors that Great Learning has, takes the top spot in the market to attract people into the program

GL’s certification affiliations with universities

When it comes to online learning, it was not difficult as we are working professionals who are used to working from home, but yes to keep continuously listening to mentor sessions during the weekend was tough for a couple of weeks, but then we got adjusted to it, as we know that we need to listen to them, and 2 weeks is more than enough to get adjusted to them. Guess this should not be difficult to go forward, as pandemic has changed the way, and coaching online is common now.

Mentored Learning sessions are the first and foremost important to anyone who wants to learn concepts, as the concepts were detailed by mentors who have a vast amount of experience, they are in that profession for years and have done the research, and professionally worked on concepts. Even though we had access to the content and the way we used to understand concepts before mentor sessions vs after mentor sessions give a different perspective and make the concept very clear.

The quality of the mentored learning sessions was really good, and there is s much to learn, but as a working employee, it was difficult for us to finish all the content. Yes, the working professional has time constraints.

I always create opportunities to implement the skills that I have learned as part of the program in my professional career. This has made me a top performer in the team and gets more work to the portfolio.

Tip for the new learners: Make sure you spend a good amount of time on the course during weekends, this is difficult, but one has to do this to achieve once getting certification from GL and earn for what you have learned in the course.


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