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Summer DC Update | Monroe Organic Farms


NOTE: This blog is posted by a volunteer. No one from the farm checks or responds to messages here. You must contact the farm directly with any questions, comments, etc

Dear Friends of the farm –

Good news – we now have a replacement for the Arapahoe and Quebec distribution center.  It is now located at Quebec and County Line road.  This distribution center will be on Thursday evenings, hours have not been set yet.

As a reminder, Distribution Centers (DC’s)will be in contact with you over the next couple of weeks.  We will be emailing worksheets to our DC’s next week that will give them your contact information.  Some DC’s send out a “hello, how are you, I’m your DC” email right away and others do not.  But all CSA members will get an email by the weekend before we start distribution to give you all the details about how distribution will be run from their home.  At that time you will get their contact info as well as location and hours.

We still anticipate distribution will start the third week of June or the 14th, 15th & 16th.  If that changes, we will notify you by this blog.

Thank you and we are so excited about the start of the season!

Jacquie Monroe


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