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Step-by-step guidance from the mentors – Gorakh, PGP AIML




I am working as Data Science Consultant in one of the Big FinTech organizations. I completed Post Graduation an MCA from Pune University in 2010. I have 10 Years of professional experience working with software technologies and with the relevance of the technologies where I was working in the field of data science for the last 3 years to make it stronger and focus more on the aspect of data science skills, I completed Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning From the Great Institute Grate Lakes & Macomb School of Business, University of Texas – Austin. I was working as a Product Sustainment Lead and worked on the different areas of product lifecycle and growth.

With our existing products, there were several challenges and problem statements that we were looking to solve with the emerging technologies and skills of the Data Science and Machine Learning techniques we were already working on and implementing but still, to get more I was excited to get more proficiency into the same field and I chose the learning opportunity which was available for the same area through the PG Course AIML in the Great Learning!

While looking to learn more about the Data Science field I was navigating the online sources for the best suit to my learning requirements and I found the AIML course and the Institute of Great Learning with very good reviews of the learners so I opted to go with that.

The mentor sessions were so important and I did not miss a single mentor session throughout my learning journey in this course since in every session I was getting a key to solve the problems we were facing.

From my own perspective and view, I found the mentor session was too good.

I learned a lot from those people who already have huge experience in the same field.

I got real help and step-by-step guidance from the mentor with our capstone project to build the perfect model for a project. We had a very useful and important session on discussion and solving the problem statements. The approach and implementation steps from scratch to the resulting outcome were too good. As I learned a lot and with good experience and practical implementation of the skill sets I got confidence that I can solve the industrial problems and challenges using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence skills and techniques.

Learning is the basic nature of a human being, learning things in the right direction and techniques makes that learning Great Learning!


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