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SAMSUNG R&D Interview Experience for Team Lead


I have attended Samsung R&D Institute India interview process from 10th May 2022 to 20th May 2022. There were a total of 3 rounds in this process, 2 one of them was a technical round and one was an HR round. The hiring process went very smoothly, which follows the below questions.

Technical Round 1: In this round, I was asked about some software tools, as the recruiter wanted to know how much I am familiar with these tools. For example, Android  Studio, CICD, Jira, etc. He asked me some basic and advanced questions about these tools including commands,  I had a lot of information about this software, so I was able to give all the answers. There were also some basic questions based on data structure and algorithms which includes Hashing, Time Complexity. 

Technical Round 2: This round was also similar to Technical Round 1, and the only difference was in this round, I was asked some lead test case scenarios. For example,  I am assigned a team, and there are more than 30 employees working under me, if some of them are not able to deliver the task on time or they are facing some issue with their tasks, how are you going to handle this situation. Note: you are also given a deadline for the project.  Another question was
Why do we always prefer time complexity Big o(O), and can not we use average time complexity?

HR Round 3: This was the final round of the interview process, In this round, HR discussed my previous companies’ experience,  my education, and the most importantly, why I am leaving my current company, and joining  Samsung R&D.  He also asked about my current and expected salary, including notice period. 



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