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Autonomous vehicles, like electric ones, are in the news lately. But while new, ground-up designs are the favorite topic, retrofitting a standard vehicle for autonomy is a growing segment of the market. To accelerate development of autonomous transit shuttles, last-mile delivery, and other R&D programs, Hexagon division AutonomouStuff’s new by-wire platform easily integrates autonomy software with by-wire and sensors to fast-track safe navigation on Ford Transit vehicles.

The ability to quickly implement autonomous and automated capabilities has never been closer for Ford Transit platforms than by using positioning and perception sensors and a by-wire system to control the vehicle. Designed to integrate seamlessly, the system accelerates autonomous programs and shortens the time to market for commercial transit shuttle programs, last-mile delivery, and universities.

The autonomy suite is flexible to be tailored across specific environmental needs and operated on set routes. AutonomouStuff’s autonomy software outputs reliable navigation across urban and rural environments. The autonomy software acts as the system’s brain, using the sensors and by-wire to navigate safely and autonomously, wherever the platform needs to go.

The Ford Transit platform includes a drive-by-wire system enabling electronic control of the vehicle, GNSS positioning and perception sensors like LiDAR and RADAR. AutonomouStuff’s autonomy software stack leverages sensor data to output autonomous navigation. The software stack acts as the capstone of the entire platform, facilitating ease of integrating the autonomy solution into Ford Transit vehicles.

The by-wire platform, autonomy software stack, and sensor suite were validated in an ongoing project where an automated shuttle services rural communities. With the success of the rural transit project, AutonomouStuff is launching the Ford Transit by-wire R&D platform to empower the development of commercial shuttle transit, last-mile delivery, and university autonomy programs.

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