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Remy Robotics exits stealth with 3 autonomous kitchens operating


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Remy Robotics combines smart ovens, fridges and robotics arms to create an autonomous robotic kitchen that can cook more than 100 dishes. | Source: Remy Robotics

Remy Robotics exited stealth today and announced the opening of its third autonomous robotic kitchen. The startup has sold more than 60,000 robot-cooked dishes so far. 

Remy Robotics hopes to bring its delivery-only restaurant business to more brands and locations, and to offer its robotic kitchen platform to other food operators. According to the company, its platform is able to help operators scale their business, improve profitability and solve labor challenges. 

The startup offers a robotic kitchen that uses smart ovens, fridges and robotic arms to cook dishes. Currently, the system is able to cook over 100 different recipes, and the company can launch new ones every other month. 

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a robotics solution that goes beyond the hype and delivers real commercial results,” Yegor Traiman, founder and CEO of Remy Robotics, said. “The food delivery market is a fast growing sector, but still not economically healthy and sustainable. Robotics can change that. Quality inconsistency, labour shortage, low margins- these can all be a thing of the past with our robotic restaurant platform.”

Remy Robotics’ kitchen can be installed and running in 48 hours. It’s built around algorithmic cooking with machine to machine (M2M) communication between each aspect of the system. The robotic kitchen decides autonomously how and how long to cook a dish, and because it’s always planning for delivery, it takes into account where the customer lives and how long it’ll take to deliver there, ensuring the food is always hot when it gets to customers’ doors. 

The startup currently operates five food brands in two locations, Barcelona and Paris, and is adding its third location in the Catalan capital. Remy Robotics’ system can cook a variety of food, including dishes from the company’s flagship flexitarian brand OMG, and anything from Indian cuisine, chicken wings and vegan Chinese food. 

Remy Robotics was founded in 2018, and is headquartered in Barcelona. Its solution is flexible enough to be configured for different operation volumes, layouts or space, and its REMY OS covers virtual restaurants’ end-to-end processes, from order scheduling to demand forecasting and supply management. 


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