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RAPID + TCT exhibitor preview: The latest 3D printing products & applications on the show floor


As RAPID + TCT looms, some 400 additive manufacturing exhibitors will be descending on Detroit to showcase their latest products, applications and partnerships. 

Below, a select few companies preview what they will be sharing at the event, which runs from May 17-19 at Huntington Place, Detroit, MI. 


Booth 2120

HP will be running its HP 5200 series machine, powered by the Multi Jet Fusion technology which has now printed more than 100 million parts. Applications from the automotive, medical, industrial and consumer product segments will be showcased, while the company will also be demonstrating its Automatic Unpacking Solution for the first time, as well as delivering a series of presentations.

VJ Technologies 

Booth 3727

VJ Technologies will come to RAPID + TCT with live demonstrations of its VedaCore CT system, highlighting its touch display interface and defect detection capabilities before making it commercially available later this summer. The VedaCore will be running on VJ Technologies’ Vi3 software architecture for system control, image acquisition, reconstruction and evaluation.


Booth 1025

DM3D will be highlighting the capabilities of its proprietary laser-powder DED Direct Metal Deposition technology, which uses a patented closed loop feedback control to ensure the dimensional integrity of parts is maintained. With a newly developed dual head deposition technology, DM3D has doubled its throughout and made its technology ideal for large and multi-material parts.


Booth 1936

Pantheon is set to launch the HS3 High Speed Extrusion 3D printing system at RAPID + TCT. This machine is the culmination of five years experimentation and development and has been designed to print end use parts out of carbon fibre composites. The machine features ClearPath servo driven ball screws, a Mic 6 print bed, contact probing via a strain gauge and a Slice Engineering hot end.


Booth 1019

Lithoz will showcase its CeraFab L30 3D printing system, which the company describes as a ‘powerful starting point for additive manufacturing’ and ‘the material developer’s dream.’ With this platform, Lithoz expects researchers, application developers and materials developers to fine-tune their designs with this ceramic 3D printing solution.


Booth 3613

Massivit will have its recently launched Massivit 5000 machine on show, demonstrating its capacity to build parts, prototypes and molds within hours. Based on the company’s Gel Dispensing Printing technology and boasting a build volume of 145 x 178 x 112 mm, Massivit believes this machine will enable the printing of complex and large parts, with a range of applications to also be exhibited at Booth 3613.


Booth 1533

Prodways will feature its new ProMaker P1000 S polymer 3D printing system, which is equipped with a 30W laser, boasts a build rate of up to 1.4L/h and utilises advanced heating control for good thermal stability. Compatible with materials like TPU and PP, Prodways believes its new machine, which follows the P1000 X and has a build volume of 300 x 300 x 360 mm, will facilitate the production of large, high-quality, industrial parts.


Booth 1925

At the Rösler AM Solutions booth, visitors can cast their eye over the company’s post-processing solutions, which include products for unpacking, powder removal, support removal, surface finishing, high gloss polishing and colouring.

United Performance Metals

Booth 2449

UPM will be on hand to discuss its comprehensive inventory of metal additive manufacturing products and services, helping partners across the AM supply chain from feed stock supply to finished part manufacturing.

NSL Analytical

Booth 3335

NSL specialises in chemical composition, powder characterisation, and metallurgical and failure analysis within aerospace, transport, nuclear and healthcare. At RAPID + TCT, the company will be discussing its extensive testing capabilities.

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

Booth 3822

CATI will be exhibiting solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Dassault Systèmes, Stratasys, PostProcess Technologies, Desktop Metal, and more. With this range of technology, the company serves a range of customers from small design firms to Fortune 500 companies.


Booth 2331

Farsoon will exhibit its FS301M metal laser sintering system, which features an expanded build cylinder of 305 x 305 x 400 mm and has been designed for the additive manufacture of larger-sized parts. This machine also features dual-laser scanning and calibration algorithms to enhance build efficiency by controlling the dual-laser operation and ensure intelligent distribution of each laser while parts are being built.

Ahead of the event, Farsoon also announced the launch of its FS200Mx2 metal 3D printing platform in the AMEA and North American markets. 

Mitsui Kinzoku

Booth 1525

At RAPID + TCT, Mitsui Kinzoku will introduced multiple CuCr alloys for laser powder bed fusion. The MA-CCR25L is a high conductivity copper alloy with 95% IACS as electrical and 377W/mk as thermal conductivity, making it suitable for thermal management and high voltage applications. The MA-CCR25H, meanwhile, shows equal mechanical properties and better conductivity with GRCop42, making it applicable to space applications.


Booth 2345

FilaPack is set to launch a new, fully automatic spooler model at RAPID + TCT. The FS200-SA has been designed for automatic filament spool changes, helping to remove the costly rewind operation offline, and enabling one operator to cover more extrusion lines within a manual operation.

GE Additive

Booth 2620

GE Additive will highlight metal additive manufacturing products from its Concept Laser and Arcam EBM machine brands, as well as its AP&C powder supplier division. At the booth, there will also be a host of metal 3D printing applications across a range of industries.

LDO Motors

Booth 1841

LDO Motors will be present at RAPID + TCT to exhibit solutions from the likes of Prusa, Formlabs and Lulzbot, as well as showcase its Voron FDM printer assembly kits.

Ascent Aero

Booth 1017

Ascent Aerospace will exhibit at Booth 1017 to highlight its work in the aerospace, defence and space industries, where it provides tooling systems, assembly automation and factory integration.

Pressure Technology, Inc.

Booth 1735

PTI is a supplier of Hot Isostatic Pressing Services to the additive manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, medical and automotive industries. It has recently opened a third US facility in Alachua, FL, where production is expected to start in Q3 2022.

Xact Metal

Booth 3227

Xact Metal will be highlighting a high-performing additive solution for the dental market, consisting of its newly introduced XM200G metal 3D printing system, specific parameters tailored to certified dental powder from BEGO Medical, and a full software workflow in partnership with Materialise Pre-Print Dental Module integrated with Materialise Magics Print for Xact Metal.


Booth 2137

Solukon will touch down in Detroit with its SFM-AT350 and SFM-AT1000-S depowdering solutions in tow. The SFM-AT350 has been designed to remove the powder of medium-sized parts up to 420mm and leans on the capabilities of an optimised chamber volume for fast inertisation and an enhanced freedom of motion. The SFM-AT1000-S, meanwhile, has been designed to remove powder from rocket engine and combustion chamber applications and is equipped with two endless rotating axes and advanced programming.


Booth 1501

Nexa3D will feature its new XiP desktop resin 3D printing system, alongside its full portfolio of stereolithography 3D printers, the xWash and xCure post-processing systems, and its software and materials products. It will also highlight its QLS 350 powder bed machine, as well as its AddiFab Freeform Injection Molding partnership.


Booth 2213

Thermwood will be printing aerospace tooling live at the show with its LSAM Additive Printer 510. The LSAM Additive Printer 510 features a single fixed gantry, a 5’ x 10’ moving table, 4’ maximum print height and a maximum print temperature of 450°C.


Booth 2637

LEHVOSS will showcase a range of its high-performance additive manufacturing materials for functional components at RAPID + TCT. The company will highlight its TPU, PP and PA powders for powder bed fusion, its PP and PEEK filaments for fused filament fabrication and fused granular fabrication, as well as be on hand to discuss its tailor-made materials services.


Booth 1313

JEOL is set to unveil a new powder bed fusion-style EBM system which is said to improve quality and manufacturing to enable the 3D printing of stronger and lighter parts. The machine has a manufacturing capacity of 250 x 400 mm, a helium-free environment and e-shield which eliminates smoke events during the build, and a system that automatically corrects the focus and spot shape of the electron beam.

Read more about JEOL’s EBM platform here


Booth 1313

Having launched the FlashForge Creator 4 additive manufacturing system at RAPID + TCT 2021, the company will also shine the spotlight on some additional products within its portfolio this year. Alongside the Creator 4 will be the FlashForge Guider 3 AM system and the FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet.


Booth 3046

nScrypt highlight its Factory in a Tool line, designed to 3D print electronics, printed circuit structures, sensors and multi-axis/ conformal antennas. Its BioFabrication Facility 3D bioprinter, currently on board the International Space Station, will also be featured.

Nano Dimension

Booth 2335

Nano Dimension will highlight its precision Micro Additive Manufacturing and Additively Manufactured Electronics capabilities, with its DragonFly and Fabrica 2.0 machines to be featured.


Booth 3027

ZEISS will be on hand to connect its experts with RAPID + TCT visitors, while it features a fast and automated print parameter qualification solution.


Booth 1938

Independent testing laboratory PES will be present at RAPID + TCT to discuss materials testing requirements. PES offers exceptional turnaround in mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, non-destructive testing and failure analysis.


Booth 2149

Hiperbaric will exhibit its Hot Isostatic Pressing technology for metallic and ceramic components. Attendees will find a range of compact, versatile, efficient and reliable equipment which reaches up to 200MPa of pressure and has ‘fast-cooling’ technology, which allows the argon to be rapidly cooled, increasing productivity and producing parts with fine grain microstructure.

EDM Performance Accessories

Booth 3833

EDM will unveil its new HB1200 machine for cutting 3D metal printed parts. The system offers a 800mm Z axis to fit the largest additive manufacturing build plates and promises the ‘fastest EDM cut speeds on the market’ at low operating costs.


Booth 2601

Visitors will be able to see Stratasys’ Fused Deposition Modelling, PolyJet, Selective Absorption Fusion, Programmable Photopolymerisation and Stereolithography technologies, as well as the company’s GrabCAD Print Additive Manufacturing software platform. Applications in key industries will also be showcased.

Ahead of the event, Stratasys announced the launch of two composite-ready F123 Series printers, updates to its Origin One offering, and 16 new materials across several of its technology portfolios. 


Booth 2908

TRUMPF is to demonstrate its laser marking metal 3D printed parts with a TruMark Station 7000 laser marking station, featuring a TruMark 6030 laser marker and VisionLine 3 feature recognition capability. The TruMark 6030 is a high-performance marking laser with 3D functionality, which boasts outstanding beam quality and high power densities to ensure clean material removal and high-contrast markings. TRUMPF will display parts that also demonstrate the capabilities of its laser metal deposition and laser metal fusion technologies.

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