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Open Financial Technologies FTE interview 2022


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There are 4 rounds for this company

  • Online assessment
  • Technical interview
  • Managerial interview
  • HR interview

Online assessment: This round was conducted on the xobin platform where 1 coding question And 20 aptitude and logical questions are there. Coding is easy and aptitude was manageable. I cleared it and appeared for the technical round.

Technical interview: This round was purely based on coding skills. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. 2 subjective coding questions were asked. One on linked list (whether there is any loop in linked list or not) and other on correct parenthesis Ex:【 ()()(()) :true,()( : False , )))(((: False etc.】. The interviewer gave me enough time to do it. Practiced questions in geeks for geeks helped me a lot. Then he asked me to wait in the lobby. After 1/2 hr I was called for a managerial interview.

Managerial interview: The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. He asked me about my projects and internships, and I answered. He asked a few PHP questions. Then he asked some general questions. He asked about projects that are not part of academics. Then he asked me to wait in the lobby. After 5 mins I was called for the HR round.

HR interview: This round is very general. Asked general questions. Advised me to improve my communication skills.

In the evening they called who attended the HR round. 30 people came there and again 9 were removed. Fortunately, I am not one of them. 21 out of 80 attendees got selected for the company. The given offer letter along with gift hampers that evening.

This was a good experience and I loved it.


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