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Newsletter – August 1, 2022


NOTE: This blog is posted by a volunteer. No one from the farm checks or responds to messages here. You must contact the farm directly with any questions, comments, etc

This week you are getting red potatoes, red onions, garlic, squash, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, red tomatoes, muskmelon, yellow and red watermelon and the full shares are getting Terra Cotta tomatoes…the first of the specialty tomatoes.

Mushrooms: will be delivered this week. The growers tell us that there could possibly be three more deliveries. Please contact the office by email and let them know if you want to be placed on a recurring order for each delivery. Otherwise, we will tell you what will be harvested and the price each time we get a notification. Due to the high interest in mushrooms, no one will get more than two pounds at a time. This way everyone will get some!

Everyone who emailed the office with orders for mushrooms will be receiving some this week.  There are a few members who did not reply about how many pounds they would like – those members will be getting a pound.  For everyone to receive some that requested them, we are limiting to 2 pounds per member.

Yellow Watermelon: Have you tried them before? They’re one of our favorites year after year. They’re smaller melons with a more honey notes going on. We hope you relish them as we do. Watermelon is medicinal! Studies have shown that an amino acid called citrulline helps manage high blood pressure.

Monsoon Rains: For those of you who are new to Colorado; monsoons are seasonal rains that are drawn up from the Gulf of Mexico from a ‘high’ sitting over Texas/New Mexico/Kansas areas. It pulls the moisture over Arizona and Utah right into Colorado. These rains can last from one week to six weeks and usually occur in the late afternoons. It can help cool us down after some intense hot weather. But sometimes, these rains bring us hail too. Unfortunately, the ‘high” moves right over us and can make our daytime temperatures very hot indeed! This causes some rain to rise back into the clouds and form small balls of ice. If the ground temperatures keep that rain from falling to the ground and continue to rise back into the clouds, those small balls of ice can become very large and cause extensive damage! August is always a precarious time for us. The hot weather really makes crops grow and because we live in a high plains desert, the rains are usually welcomed. But it scares the daylight out of us because the chances of hailstorms really go up. To sum up … the life of a farmer is an emotional rollercoaster!

Something Fun: Do you realize there are national holidays designated for every day of the year? This week you can celebrate these activities: August 5th you can celebrate underwear day; August 6th is Root Beer Float day and also wiggle your toes day; August 7th is Purple Heart day; August 8th is sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors porch day; August 9th is book lovers day and August 10th is lazy day and garage sale day! Celebrate something fun this week with a watermelon popsicle!!!

Watermelon Popsicles: Remove seeds and blend the watermelon. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Or make watermelon snow by freezing on a rimmed cookie sheet and scraping the ice. Perfect snow cones! And as an adult version, make into watermelon margarita’s, just look for a recipe online.

Have a great week!

Kyle, Jerry and Jacquie


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