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Microsoft dreams up a potential Surface Duo successor with a single 360-degree folding display


What you need to know

  • A Microsoft patent describes a smartphone with a new type of folding display.
  • The device would be able to fold both inwards and outwards with a single hinge mechanism.
  • The patent is similar to a concept LG recently had on display that utilizes Ultra-Thin Glass.

Microsoft has been in the foldable game for a few years with the Surface Duo, but it’s a dual-screen phone with two standard displays that can act as one. However, a new patent shows that Microsoft is looking into a device with a single, folding screen with more range than the average foldables on the market today.

Leaker Walking Cat recently revealed images from the patent, showing off the unique folding mechanism. From the images, it appears the device will fold both inwards and outwards, as the current Surface Duo 2 does, but with a single display instead of two. This would differ from the best foldable phones, which can do either or with a single folding display.


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