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Microsoft could release the inexpensive Apple TV that Apple won’t make


Apple Tv 4k ReviewSource: Stephen Warwick / iMore

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, inexpensive streaming stick that could not only allow people to stream games, but also video content.

While Apple already has the Apple TV, it’s previously been rumored to have designs on a new, cheaper version that would offer competition for the popular Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now, Windows Central reports that Microsoft is set to do something similar under the Xbox brand.

If the rumors are true, and quotes from Microsoft appear to suggest they are, the streaming device would likely focus on offering gamers the chance to stream games via Xbox Cloud Gaming. But it’s also likely that the same device would also allow content to be streamed from the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and potentially even Apple TV+. In that way, the device could find itself in direct competition with any streaming stick that Apple is also working on.

The Microsoft Xbox stick wouldn’t run tvOS, of course. It’s more likely some form of Android would be used.

To speculate, Keystone could eventually run some sort of slimmed-down Windows or Xbox OS, given that “Keystone” originally appeared in an OS list alongside the different Xbox platforms like “ERA” and “GameOS.” Utilizing Windows instead of alternatives like Android would allow Microsoft to offer its own streaming media apps like Microsoft Movies & TV. Although, using Android OSP would potentially be a quicker route to market, leaning on apps like Netflix, and perhaps Spotify.

Currently, the best Apple TV is the Apple TV 4K device, but at starting price of $179, it’s a costly beast. By removing the 32GB of storage and making the device smaller, Apple could easily turn the box into a stick. Whether it’ll do it before Microsoft remains to be seen.


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