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List of top IT services companies in the US, UK and Ukraine


IT solutions make all the difference when it comes to running efficient technical processes in a large business. Finding the right IT service provider is essential to the success of a business in today’s world. It is no wonder that the lists of top IT service providers in the world are highly sought after. Every large company is eager to find an IT partner that best suits the needs of their business. 

Our list of top 10 US IT companies and top 20 IT companies in the world is based on our analysis of the data on reputable reviews websites, software company directories and niche platforms. In our list of the top IT services firms in 2021, we feature companies that are leading innovation and digital transformation around the globe. 

IT industry empowers companies with top-notch tech solutions

With talented developers, these companies create software solutions in cybersecurity, application development, process management; healthcare, e-learning management system, fintech, and other industries.They deliver deep technological expertise and top-notch tech solutions. 

Information technology is recognised as one of the major driving forces in the modern economy. Top IT companies provide services that drive various sectors. IT solutions help with a variety of business functions, enabling companies to remain agile and adaptable in a rapidly changing environment. In the 21st century, information technology has transformed our daily lives and the way businesses operate. 

With the development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud services, the IT sector is expected to prosper. Top IT companies are expected to achieve greater success in the coming years.

IT services market’s growth

According to the Statista report on the IT services market, the IT services market is an important sub-sector of the larger information technology industry. It brings in hundreds of millions of dollars each year, with forecasts suggesting that this figure will reach $1.27 trillion in 2022. Digitization, along with constant technological advancements, means that businesses in almost every industry rely on IT services, resulting in continuous growth of spendings. 

In 2021, spending on IT services in the world is expected to raise to $1.2 trillion, a 9.8% year-on-year growth. An increase is probably due to the economic impact of the Covid-19. IT Services is one of the fastest-growing segments in the overarching IT industry in terms of annual growth, according to Statista.

Over the last couple of years, one of the highest growth in the IT sector has been shown by cloud computing. It’s about the use of networks of remote servers to store, manage and process data. Cloud computing generates billions of dollars in revenue per year worldwide.

Top IT companies around the world are driving innovation. With the increasing focus on automation and technology, there is a consistent boom as far as the sector is powered by IT. The majority of IT services are maintained in the US, Eastern Europe (Ukraine), and Asia (India). The growth of the IT sector in the world is constant, even during the pandemic.

Top IT companies in the world

The top IT companies from our list have earned their places on this list by delivering high-quality services that businesses worldwide have come to rely on. When it comes to choosing the right IT company, you’ll want to make sure that they offer these top-notch services. We compiled this list based on the most reputable reviews websites available online, so you can be confident that this list will help you find the best IT service provider in your area. Here are the factors that we considered for our rating.

Innovative apps

Innovation is one of those trendy words today. So how do you know which businesses are innovative? Well, there are plenty of factors to consider, but if you want to narrow down your search, it’s good to look for businesses that implement new tech processes and systems internally. 

Deep code expertise

If you need IT solutions for your business, getting recommendations about technical expertise from other entrepreneurs is a great way to find out which company to go with. Top IT companies have in the tech expertise multiple programming languages and can manage all kinds of modern frameworks.

Multinational reach

Most of the IT companies from the list have business units in several countries and provide technical solutions to clients all over the world.

Trusted worldwide

If you’re interested in finding an IT company that is committed to helping its clients build more efficient processes while ensuring they are equipped with cutting-edge technology, check their showcases. A trustworthy software development firm must have developed innovative apps for businesses in different markets and various industries.

This company builds custom software

Every business is unique and should have custom software solutions. Developing off-the-shelf applications which force you to adapt to their rigid structures, might require a lower budget. However, custom software apps always win when it comes to flexibility, security and product quality. Top IT companies develop flexible applications for businesses so that it can work at its best using our enterprise-level software.

The company is customer friendly

Top IT service providers develop solutions that are tailored to fit their clients’ needs. They can provide them with software that makes all of their core business processes run more efficiently. That makes clients happy, and it is usually reflected in 5-stars reviews on software development firms’ catalogs.

Top-10 IT services companies in the US


Imagis is a Microsoft Gold Partner that provides modern cloud solutions for enterprises with distributed teams and regulatory requirements. Imagis is based in New York. It was founded in 2016 and serves small and medium-sized clients in the non-profit, healthcare and business sectors. Its services include IT managed services, strategy consulting, and cloud consulting. Imagis use advanced technologies to create robust, compliant environments that increase employee productivity, engagement, and scalability.


Electric is an IT services and custom software development company based in New York. This American IT company with the motto “IT simplified” was founded in 2016. It employs over 400 tech specialists. Electric provides IT managed services, app development, cybersecurity, IT staff augmentation, and IT consulting. They have medium-sized and small businesses in multiple industries among their clients. Electric is experienced in real-time IT support onboarding, device and app management, and security standardization across apps, devices, and networks. Electric receives 5-star reviews on Clutch. 


ITRex is a IT and software development firm, based in Santa-Monica, USA. Its motto on Clutch stands for “Hungry for Challenges.” ITRex creates and transforms products, services, and businesses to drive business growth today and in the future. They develop apps in such areas as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation. The company has applied deep expertise across a wide range of technologies in focus industries including FinTech, Retail & eCommerce, Healthcare & Biotech, Transportation & Logistics, Entertainment & Media. The team has delivered hundreds of innovative solutions for Fortune 500 giants, and startups. ITRex builds innovative technologies and turns them into market-ready solutions. It aims at helping companies get a competitive advantage, and maximize profits.


TekRevol is a Silicon Valley startup with dozens of 5-star reviews on Clutch. This IT company was founded in 2014. They are specialized in app development and creative digital solutions for startups and large companies. This includes the modern design and development of apps, websites, games, and e-commerce platforms. The company advocates innovative thinking and a dynamic approach to problem-solving and focuses on building customer satisfaction.


TechMD is an award-winning IT company in the US. It provides cloud solutions, cybersecurity services, IT consulting and tech infrastructure management. The company specializes in developing optimized cloud solutions and is dedicated to delivering enterprise-grade productivity, scalability, and security to small and medium-sized businesses. TechMD has been receiving 5-star reviews on Clutch.

Hatchworks Technologies

Hatchworks Technologies is an Atlanta-based IT services company. It was founded in 2016. Hatchworks Technologies provides small and medium-sized businesses with custom software development, Big Data consulting, cloud consulting, mobile app creation, AI and IoT development.


Itransition is a global software engineering company providing application development and security for over 20 years. They are specialized in managed IT services, data science, intelligence automation, and blockchain solutions. Itransition was founded in Denver in 1998. The company has offices in the US, UK, EU and locations in Eastern Europe, and employs over 2,000 tech experts. They support enterprises and SMEs worldwide with their digital solutions in the areas of business process automation, AI, data analytics, and others.

RapidValue Solutions

RapidValue is an IT company providing software development solutions, and cloud for enterprises worldwide. The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, US. RapidValue offers its IT services to famous brands, Fortune 1000 companies, and innovative startups. It also has offices in the United States, UK, Germany and India, and operations in the Middle-East, Europe and Canada. RapidValue provides IT services and solutions across multiple industries. The company covers all the product development spectrum – from consulting to user interface design, from app development to product testing.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. company declares its mission “to improve and empower the lives of billions of users through profound technology solutions”. The CIS company has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. provides quality technology solutions and services that are in line with globally recognized standards and latest technology trends. The company’s key services include web application development, mobile app development, business intelligence and analytics, cloud infrastructure implementation, and business process management.


ScienceSoft is a custom software development and IT consulting firm. It is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, US. It has offices in the EU and Eastern Europe and clients in 40+ countries around the globe. With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and with a team of 700 employees, the company has served product companies worldwide. Their clients’ list includes Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, IBM, and Leo Burnett. ScienceSoft is a partner of IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft. The company has 6 Microsoft Gold Competencies: Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Datacenter, Data Platform. ScienceSoft provides all spectrum of IT services: software development, data analytics, application services, cybersecurity services, QA & software testing.

Top-5 IT services companies in Ukraine


Founded in 1993, SoftServe is an IT product development company. One of the biggest IT companies in Ukraine, SoftServe is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in London, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. SoftServe’s team consists of over 5,000 employees specializing in custom software development, cybersecurity, and web development. SoftServe provides services to clients in the healthcare & medical, information technology, retail and many other industries. 


ELEKS was founded in 1991.This IT company in Ukraine is a provider of custom software development, product design, QA, and technology consulting. ELEKS serves many of the global enterprises and technology companies. They offer collaboration models that fit the goals, resources, and schedules of Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises, and small businesses. The company is headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. It also has offices in Chicago, London, Toronto, Berlin, and Tallinn. ELEKS counts over 1,600 technical experts to serve their clients worldwide.


ELITEX is a custom software development and JavaScript company headquartered in Ukraine. The company also has offices in the UK and the Netherlands. Since 2015, ELITEX has had strong expertise in JavaScript and JS frameworks (Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js). Our Ukrainian IT company builds dedicated development teams for enterprises and startups in the US, UK, and EU. ELITEX offers IT outsourcing services to strengthen the products of solid companies and create scalable tech solutions for businesses worldwide. The company’s developers create web or mobile applications using Node.js, Angular, and React.


Intellias is a custom software development company  headquartered in Ukraine. It has offices in Germany, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2002. This Ukrainian IT company employs more than 1,600 people. The IT firm serves Fortune 500 companies and tech startups around the world with solutions in the automotive, telecommunications, financial, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and retail sectors. Their IT services include custom software development, Big Data, and cloud solutions. Intellias’ client list includes Siemens, Deloitte, and Microsoft.


Founded in 2000, DevCom is a full-service custom software development company that covers the entire product development lifecycle: from UX/UI design and strategy to app development, quality assurance, production maintenance, and support. This Ukrainian IT company with over 20 years of experience in software development has been a reliable outsourcing partner for global companies. DevCom offers complex IT solutions for small businesses, but also to international corporations.

Top IT companies in the UK

DCSL GuideSmiths

DCSL GuideSmiths is an award-winning custom software development company in the UK. It is headquartered in Farnborough, Hampshire. This IT company has tech centers in London, Manchester, Madrid, and Bucharest. Since 1994, the DCSL GuideSmiths has developed intelligent, and intuitive web applications, and mobile apps for businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and start-ups. It has an international team of over 250 employees. DCSL GuideSmiths delivers IT services that leverage technologies such as Microsoft. NET, Power BI, React, and Node.js. The company’s tech stack also includes DevOps skills and deployment on Azure. It has been accredited with Microsoft Gold Partner status.


FortySeven is a software consultancy and development company. Founded in 2006, the company is one of the most respected software development service providers in the IT industry for its high performance and commitment to innovation. They are known for delivering high-level software development services, meeting strict deadlines, and flexible engagement models. They have dedicated teams of experts in Web, Smart Contracts, QA & Testing, Blockchain, Big Data, Mobile, DevOps, Audit, etc.FortySeven help companies reduce their software development and associated costs and accelerate product development.


Algoworks is a web and mobile app development company in the UK. This IT firm was founded in 2006. Algoworks has developed over 500 custom apps for businesses of all sizes. The team of technical experts, developers, designers, and business analysts work out of Noida, India, and Sunnyvale, CA. Their clients list include Coca-Cola and eBay.

Top IT companies in Poland

Unity Group

Unity Group was founded in Poland and has been perfecting the delivery of IT services and technology solutions to medium and large enterprises for over 20 years. With over 200 tech experts, Unity Group provides companies worldwide with custom software development, IT system integrations, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions. They are also specialized in data management, e-commerce solution development, and legacy system transformation.


Britenet is a provider of software outsourcing and IT services based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 2006, the Britenet IT company has been providing businesses with custom software development, IT managed services, and IT staff augmentation. The company employs over 700 software development experts.


Euvic is an IT services company. It is specialized in custom software development and mobile app development. The company was founded in 2004 in Gliwice, Poland. Euvic has satellite offices in Leverkusen, Germany, and Warsaw, Katowice, Poland, and Mahwah, New Jersey. Euvic has a development team of over 350 employees providing IT services to medium and small businesses.

PGS Software

PGS Software is an IT services company based in Wroclaw, Poland. It was found in 2005. The company provides custom software development and IT consulting services to businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. 


Netguru is an IT company founded in 2008. It delivers digital products to top startups, Fortune500 companies, and well-known brands. The company says it aims at solving businesses’ problems through software and product design. Their software products were featured in Business Insider, TechCrunch, and Product Hunt.

Future of the IT industry and top companies

Nowadays, all businesses and consumers are using software development products created by IT service providers. IT companies have contributed a lot to make our lives more convenient. However, in today’s world, leading tech experts tend to push boundaries and set new achievements. We can predict that new technologies will be developed shortly. 

As for the top companies in the world, there is a strong possibility that they will remain dominant in the IT market. These companies have built dedicated development teams, achieved an excellent image, and created an important IT infrastructure.

Looking for top IT service companies to implement your next startup or create an innovative mobile app? Our company, ELITEX, is found in the reviews of top custom software development providers on the most reputable platforms. Outsourcing IT services to Ukraine can help you optimize project costs and leverage an experienced software developer pool. 

Our quality outsourcing IT services company will help your company take its business to the next level. Increase efficiency and hire one of the best JavaScript companies.

Source for companies’ profiles: Clutch, TheManifest, GoodFirms, TechReviewer.

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