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LGM uses Quickparts for 3D printed architectural models


LGM, an architectural modelling company, has been operating for over 25 years, providing models for high-end residential and resort areas. The company uses 3D printing to provide visualisation and modelling which enables clients to design, build and market products efficiently.

LGM makes architectural CAD files such as REVIT, ready for 3D printing, and has been using the technology in house since 2000. The most high-profile projects the company takes on need quick turnaround time on large prints and a high level of accuracy, detail and surface finish.

Industrial SLA 3D printing has proven to provide the right combination of large print size, detail, cost and speed. LGM’s SLA printing needs are intermittent however, so it needed a partner that could provide capacity for the parts without bringing the process in house.

With Quickparts’ online, instant-quote system, LGM could customise options for its architectural modelling needs, seeing initial project cost estimates quickly. Simple mass models are created, and the 3D CAD files are uploaded to obtain a quote.

“We can send our 3D, print-ready files and know what we get back is going to be accurate, ready-to-go parts that plug into our process every time,” said Jason Berghauer, Director at LGM.

“I’m glad I don’t have to worry about build orientation and support structure,” said Jason. “It’s been great to not worry about that or pulling all the supports off to clean a part and get it ready. I can use my time within our own production to focus on other things.”

When comparing Quickparts to other 3D printing companies LGM used, Berghauer noted accuracy as a deciding factor. He said: “We have a higher degree of accuracy with Quickparts. We come back because it is easy, and the cost is there.”

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