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ios – The RWPickFlavor.podspec specification does not validate


I’m learning by following this tutorial:

And I’m stuck in the place where it says:
Using Your New CocoaPod

in the terminal I wrote:

cd ~/Documents/Libraries/RWPickFlavor 
pod repo add RWPodSpecs 
pod repo push RWPodSpecs RWPickFlavor.podspec

but I get a lot of errors:

[!] /usr/bin/git clone -- RWPodSpecs

fatal: destination path 'RWPodSpecs' already exists and is not an empty directory


Validating spec
 -> RWPickFlavor (0.1.0)
    - NOTE  | url: The URL ( is not reachable.
    - ERROR | [iOS] unknown: Encountered an unknown error ([!] /usr/bin/git clone /var/folders/bw/h527d_4x6yb7rv3tdrldty1c0000gn/T/d20220525-6530-de485a --template= --single-branch --depth 1 --branch 0.1.0

Cloning into '/var/folders/bw/h527d_4x6yb7rv3tdrldty1c0000gn/T/d20220525-6530-de485a'...
warning: Could not find remote branch 0.1.0 to clone.
fatal: Remote branch 0.1.0 not found in upstream origin
) during validation.

[!] The `RWPickFlavor.podspec` specification does not validate.

Any ideas?


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