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Infosys Interview Experience for Specialist Programmer 2023 (Off-Campus)


Infosys divides the whole process into three rounds:-

  • Certification round
  • Advantage round
  • Interview round

Round 1 (Certification Round): This was a combined round for global participants. I participated in InfyTQ. Infosys conducts these rounds once every year.

The first round required us to choose between two languages that are Java and Python only. Selected language cannot be changed during the exam. This round consists of MCQ based on DBMS and programming questions (output-based).

The participant needs to solve a total of 22 questions (20 MCQ + 2 programs) in 3 hours. Total marks 225 (weightage is different for all questions) with no negative marking. To clear this round you have to score at least 65% in the overall exam (must solve at least one coding question)

The certification round is divided into three categories:

  • Hands-on coding (2 Questions)
  • Java/ Python (10 MCQs)
  • DBMS (10 MCQs)

Note: MCQs are based on OOPS Basics, Abstract, Final, Interfaces, Functions, Data Structures, SQL, Postgres, DML, DDL, Joins, Subquery, Normalization, Transactions, NoSQL (MongoDB). Coding questions are of easy to medium level.

Round 2 (Advantage Round): It is an advance level hands-on coding round (web camp open). The allotted time is 3 hours. Participants can solve questions in C++, Java, Python, etc. There is a total of 3 questions with 10 to 12 test cases and partial marking for each test case.

The participant who did around 1.5 questions got a call for a System Engineer role, 2 questions got a call for a Digital System Engineer role and around 2.5 got a call for a Power Programmer role.

Note: There is one easy question that can be based on Greedy, Searching, Sorting, Array, and String. There is one medium and one hard question that can be based on Dynamic Programming and its extension, Graph, Trees, Heap, Stack, and Queue.

Round 3 (Interview Round): I was interviewed for the Power Programmer role (I did 2.6 questions in the advantage round). It lasted for around 1-1.5 hours.

My interview was divided into three portions:

  • The first half hour was based on my Project discussion. Project discussion will be according to the interest of the interviewer and how unique is your project. You can be asked to explain any of your projects mentioned in the resume. I was asked to explain the project in brief and the cross-questions were made.
    Questions can be like :
    Why did you choose this technology over others?
    • How did you implement this feature?
    • What is the unique feature of your project?
    • What difficulties did you face?
    • How did you overcome those difficulties?
      Note: Always show that project which you made and not copied from a friend or Github.
  • The other half was DSA based. I was asked to code these questions:

I was able to answer all the questions except one Fundamental question. After one month, I was offered the Power programmer role. You can also do it !!!


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