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I was bored, so I attempted to post 3.4 million backlinks to my Fiverr Gig – Results so far


Was away for a few days and decided to set my ScrapeBox off and attempt to post a single backlink to 3.4 million blogs.

So I scraped google for a day “blog” (keyword) and stopped at 3.4 million blog links. I had to stop scraping to set off on my little RW trip; I suspect I could have doubled that.

Then set up auto-poster to hammer all the domain links with a single backlink and short post text.

Dragged the thread bar down to 21 to make a balance between speed and accuracy. (My scrape machine is not a thread ripper, so I have to watch the CPU load, so it doesn’t skip posting to a blog).

After 11 days and 7 hours, it completed and had posted 278644 links.

After running link checker for four days, I found 9870 auto-approve backlinks.

Then I checked for duplicate domains; this resulted in 8913 unique domains with the backlink auto-approved.

However – you have to factor in a fuck ton of WP sites that are not indexed by google because they are basically spammer house of horrors.

The gig I Linked to was about 20 days old, I created 2 almost identical gigs at the same time for the test, the one highlighted in the picture below is the one I back-linked to


MOZ has found 227 domains and 2 thousand links so far.

The Page Authority has gone from 40 to 58, thats from the 22nd of April to 5th of May or 14 days (ish)


A search using the keywords I set in the title has me 2nd on google below another gig with 487 5 star reviews.


And that’s it so far guys, I’ll update it if google de-indexes or if it gets to Number 1 lol


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