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How to recover the discription copy in the search result? (Sincerely Asking)



In order to raise keywords ranking, we were using a search and click software to artificially increase the click-through rate, and increased the daily click volume by 3 times. The ranking began to rise and stabilized in the top two positions on the homepage. (The one in front of us is a high-weight platform, we are impossible to surpass)

So, the current ranking we have achieved should be the best result I can do. So the boss is satisfied with my ranking work.

But there is one thing that bothers me a lot. As the ranking improves to the top two, the description of the website can no longer be displayed properly? In our industry, the website description is the most important ad copy, and it’s what we write with great care. The boss asked me to restore the display of the description section as soon as possible. He asks about it every day


The original description copy ( see the above) has been displayed normally in the past, and the meta tags of the webpage have not been modified in any way.

But when we artificially increase the number of keyword clicks, the original description copy can no longer be displayed, and I don’t know how to make the description come back.

In order to maintain the current ranking, it is impossible for me to give up the click software. If the click volume falls back to the past, the ranking will definitely fall, so I am in a dilemma

proof of what i am saying:


(current keyword targeted search volume keeping the high rankings)

How i can restore the description while keeping high CTR at same time)

Sincerely Ask experienced friends, Just give me some advice

thank you in advance!


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