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Google May Core Update, Google Ranking Tremors Galore, Google Marketing Live Ad News & More


After over six months of waiting, we finally got a new Google broad core update, the May 2022 core update, I discuss some of what we are seeing early on. Also, we saw a lot of ranking volatility over the past couple of weeks – was this related? Google said the inclusive schema for image search’s monk skin tone scale is not yet here. Google updated its video best practices to define thumbnail transparency guidelines. Google is showing more FAQ rich results in Google Search. Google is displaying fewer sitelinks than it did before. Google Marketing Live was this week with a boat load of Google Ads news, I summarize the important search ones. Google Ads also added new audience targeting and reporting features. Google Ads smart display campaigns and optimized targeting had changes as well. Google Ads will prohibit some ads that promote skin lightening products that imply the superiority of one skin tone over another. Google Search is testing a new grid formal on mobile, for organic and ads. Google has explore outfits and shop similar features. Google Search is testing a new search bar tools design. Bing is testing a branded sidebar navigation tool. Google Maps is now displaying justifications directly in the map interface on mobile. Google Analytics 4 doesn’t seem to support AMP much. Google AdSense now shows screenshots for some policy violations. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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