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GlobalLogic Hitachi Group Company Interview Experience


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Hii, I am here to tell you about my GlobalLogic Interview Experience. Recently, GlobalLogic visited our campus for full-time recruitment. It consists of four rounds.

First Round: It is based on an Online Assessment. It consists of MCQs related to CS fundamentals and 4 basic Coding questions like Fibonacci, prime number, etc.

The Second one is Technical Round, The third one is (Technical +Managerial Round), and The fourth one is Hr Round.

Second Round(Technical Round): In My Second Round of Interviews, a Mam came to the meeting and She asked first some warm-up Questions related to quants, logical reasoning, and English ability. After that, They asked to start questions on OOPS like:

  • Four Pillar of OOPS(Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance)
  • Constructor
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding

After that, She asked me questions related to DBMS(Data Base Management System)

  • Start with Your Introduction.
  • What is Dbms?
  • SQL commands?
  • What is SQL?
  • Difference between Drop and Truncate?
  • SQL Injection?
  • Which Database do you use?

That’s all the Questions She asked me in my second round.

Third Round(Technical+Managerial Round): In the third round of Interviews, a sir join the meeting and he asked me questions related to DBMS.

  • Tell me about yourself, Like your academics, achievements, etc.
  • DBMS?
  • SQL Injection in brief?
  • Which programming Language do you know?
  • Explain your Project?
  • Is your final year project done?
  • Why GlobalLogic?
  • Will you be comfortable with any of the technologies?
  • Program to check if a given string is Palindrome or not?

Fourth Round(Hr Interview):

  • Why GlobalLogic?
  • How do you come to know about GlobalLogic?
  • Explain your Project.
  • Any questions which you would like to ask us.
  • Comfortable with any Technology.

Verdict: Finally, I am the lucky one who was selected in GlobalLogic and sees a great future ahead.


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