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getting to know Xerox’s ElemX


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At 3dpbm we cover the latest news and we also conduct extensive market research and publish reports on all the core segments and all the key verticals of additive manufacturing, from energy to aerospace and related markets.

And that is how we get the latest insights on all the newest technologies that are about to hit the AM market. Today’s 3dpbm Pulse Podcast episode is the perfect example. We have been following Xerox’s venture in AM ever since the company decided to invest to develop a new liquid metal jetting process, invented by a New York startup called Vader. After nearly 5 years, a system based on this unique technology, the ElemX, is ready to enter commercialization.

Our guest for this episode, Arjun Tekalur is the Director of Engineering at Xerox and is the best person to help us understand how Xerox’s ElemX and its liquid metal jetting process works. And if we will ever be able to say, “Xerox me that metal part”.

Getting to know Xerox's ElemX with Arjun Tekalur, Director of Engineering at Xerox, the best person to explain how liquid metal jetting works

While that may be a science-fictional concept, some of the key points that emerged from this very interesting discussion are that, as Mr. Tekalur explained, “Liquid metal jetting is a deployable technology for on-premise, supply chain solutions and usable in rugged environments immediately without requiring facility modifications or dealing with certain safety hazards.

“The priority for Xerox – he told 3dpbm – was to create a metal printer that is safe and easy to use. In this, he added “We evaluate two major considerations in the metal additive market and our opportunity, (1) aluminum wire is much safer than aluminum powder, and (2) material changeover with powder printers requires a large investment and is quite complicated [while] changeover with wire feedstock is much simpler, safer and cost-effective.”

Passionate about technology, innovation and digital transformation, Arjun is an experienced researcher and skilled engineering professional with 15+ years of experience in manufacturing, corporate strategy, research and innovation and higher education. At Xerox, he manages the team responsible for systems integration of ElemX 3D printers.

In his career he has created high-performance teams focusing on digital design and rapid qualification; managed a portfolio encompassing research and applied technologies in advanced manufacturing, digitization, material and process qualification; and developed strategy to innovate and monetize digitization (tech road map creation, identify key gaps, create workflows). He also holds an MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Rhode Island.


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