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Exciting Dad Gifts – and One to Get for Yourself


It’s always difficult to come up with great gifts for dad. Many people think it’s their duty to “update” dad and I’ll admit to thinking that thought before myself. But these days, the ‘ole shirt and tie just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t you feel dad “needs” something that he’ll be excited about — or at least an item that will surprise him?

Last holiday season I bought dad a Bidet (just for a laugh) and he nearly choked on his punch — but “the king’s seat” (as I call it) has been a hit ever since. Now, dad has installed a bidet in every bathroom in the house! Who knew?

This year we’re putting out several lists, coming out before the usual June first deadline — so that you too — can think outside the box. Most of these items can be found on Amazon or even in your own local stores.

As a Dad Myself — Yes, I Owe Myself the Best Dad Gift

1. VIVE Flow VR Headset

Vive Flow VR Headset
Vive Flow VR Headset

So this is the Father’s Day gift I got for my very best self. Of course, now I’ve seen the VIVE Pro 2 — that may have to be a gift for my best self, too.

I love the look of the Vive Flow Headset — I’d say, maybe even like it better than regular headsets. Rather than that straight flat-front look of headsets — I have those too — but then line up with the bros for a pic after gaming with the Vive Flow Headset. It’s a far classier look.


I saw this headset too.

                                    VIVE Pro 2

VIVE Pro 2
VIVE Pro 2

2. Power Bank Battery Pack for Oculus

Power Bank Battery Pack for Oculus
Power Bank Battery Pack for Oculus

You likely have your Oculus already. This is the Oculus power bank battery pack that lets you have a ton more time (about 3 hours more) on a charge. You don’t want your headset failing due to a weak battery. This is really lightweight and portable. This is for the two-pack — and you’ll want the two-pack.

3. .

Deconstructed Retro Artwork for Dad
Deconstructed Retro Artwork for Dad —
artwork for dad
Best Seller Deconstructions

This artwork is incredible. I had to use two photos here to try and show you the details. We went a little overboard on these after we saw the quality. Okay, so I got one for myself at my home office (the first Apple iPhone) and my best editor here at ReadWrite received the Apple iPhone X as a gift for excellence.

The display was on the wall the next day. A seriously cool gift by XREART. Remember Game Boy?? My brother is such a Game Boy fan — I’ve already purchased one of the Xreart Game Boy’s for his birthday and the birthday isn’t until September. You want one of these?

4. AIRTHINGS View Plus


The AIRTHINGS View Plus is considered the most advanced air quality monitor on the market with 7 sensors including radon, particulate matter, and CO2, — it’s WiFi connected and has a display. You’ll like this sleek little piece. With all of the air pollution — and people like me with asthma you want better air quality.

If I have one more wildfire by my house this year I don’t think I’ll handle it very well. My wife got this View Plus because we had a radon incident this year. Did you know your radon and CO2 monitors are too close to the floor? We didn’t either. That stuff rises and you can get sick with your monitor too close to the ground. This air monitor can be set up higher on an end table or desk. I’m getting these for everyone in the family this year — not just dad.

5. Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat
Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

I should really put a couple of pics here so you can see this Withings Sleep Tracking Mat. I’m supposed to wear a C-pap machine — I detest it! The lines on my face in the morning bug me — bug me? No — they make me angry. Let’s get this straight — I’m not diagnosing anything for you — but I decided to try this mat out and see if I can see what is happening with my sleep. It tracks and monitors breathing disturbances.

Now I can see for myself what the doctor is saying. I can witness the length and intensity of the breathing pauses and then read about what that is doing to my overall health. Okay, so I’ll likely be back on the C-pap — but I feel better about that choice. Take a look at this mat for yourself and for your loved ones. Dad! Seriously — your snore is louder than your old lawnmower.

6. Colsen Fire Pit

Colsen Fire Pit
Colsen Fire Pit

There is nothing like a fireplace for ambiance — nothing. Here is the Colsen Fire Pit. This item is a portable fireplace. I have a fireplace gas insert in nearly every room in my house. Well, dad has the fireplace fetish too — but he doesn’t have one on the deck — or by his chair on the deck. And dad doesn’t have one in the car to take a fireplace to the beach. This is really a small and a little heavy for some — but SO worth the effort. Very fun item.

7. Afloia Air Purifier

Afloia Air Purifier
Afloia Air Purifier

The Afloia Air Purifier is for larger rooms in the home (1500 Sq.Ft). One of the best features of the Afloia is that it has an H13 true HEPA Filter and 4 stage filtration. If you want to help dad breathe better — and yourself — look at the Afloia.

I finally took one of these filters to my cabin last year because of the locals who zoom past on a dirt road at 80 miles an hour in their trucks. Yes, the cabin sits back from the road nearly 300 yards, but on a breezy day, that dust wafts across and coats the trees and surrounding area — choking me (and dad when he’s there). The Afloia helped a ton and I’m sending for another one for dad’s house.

8. bioBidet Slim Zero Bidet Seat

Bemis bioBidet Seat
Bemis bioBidet Seat

This bioBidet Slim Zero Bidet Seat is the seat I got dad last year and it was a serious hit. (Read at the top of this list.) This has a slow close, so no pinched fingers — a great night light. I had someone come and install it — but you can easily install this yourself. Has a dual nozzle so it’s perfect for the whole family.

Quick, funny story for you. My sister decided that she had to sit AND see how the dual nozzle works — so she sits there, scoots back, and looks. Yeah, she got squirted in the eye — the joke will never leave the family history lore — never. We all love this product.

9. Accell Power UV Sanitizer

Accell Power UV Sanitizer and Charging
Accell Power UV Sanitizer and Charging

The Accell Power UV Sanitizer has wireless charging. With all of the virus stuff still in the news and on our minds — put your mind at rest. All belonging can be germ-free. Believe me, dad will love this gift even if mom takes it over for herself.

The top opens up and you can stick in your cell phone — clean. The jewelry stuff — germ-free. Plus you can use the charging station at the same time. I’m getting one of these for the office. Everyone takes their phones in the bathroom and there is likely stuff we don’t want to think about on those phones.

10. KOVOL Sprint 120W USB C Charger

KOVOL Tech USB C Charger
KOVOL Tech USB C Charger

The KOVOL is a powerful charger — does a really fast charge on Macbook via both USB-C ports. Low-Heat and safe charging ensures safe features like high-temp or over-charge issues. Universal compatibility, Pioneering GaNII Tech, Travel friendly

This is a nice gift (get two and leave one in your backpack). You get the Kovol 120W USB-C Charger, 4.9ft AC power cord, user guide, 24-month warranty, and 24/7 customer service. I did notice that it’s on sale on Amazon for less than I paid for mine.


I plan on about two more of these Father’s Day — Dad’s Gift Idea lists. Enjoy them — and leave comments or let me know what worked for you and your dad.

Image Credit: Most of these images came from either the item’s website or Amazon.

Top Image Credit: by KoolShooters; Pexels; Thank you!

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