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eSparkBiz Interview for Software Developer (Off-Campus)


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The eSparkBiz is a company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and I applied it off campus. 

  • Soon I got a call from their team and I had to appear for an Aptitude Test that included fundamental questions on (C++, DBMS, and REASONING). 
  • It was an online test with 30-40 questions and time duration of 45 minutes approximately.
  • I appeared for the test on the same day and the difficulty level of the test was easy. OOPS, Fundamentals of DBMS, and some logic questions were asked.
  • Later, I got a call that I had cleared the aptitude test and now I have to appear for Technical Round.

Technical Round: It was scheduled for 5th July 2022 at 10 30 AM. 

  • So firstly I was asked to introduce myself and later I was asked to explain OOPS concepts like classes, objects, and inheritance (WHY MULTIPLE INHERITANCE IS NOT SUPPORTED ?), and encapsulation. 
  • Then I was asked to code a Fibonacci series question. 
  • Lastly, he asked me a question about Array in which I had to insert an element in the first index and at the last index.

CTO Round:  After the technical round I was asked to wait for a few minutes and then there was a CTO Round which went very well. In this round, the interviewer asked me a few questions about data structures and algorithms. After completion of this round, I was told that I have received the job and I signed the offer letter. 


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