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Episode 513: Gil Hoffer on Applying DevOps Practices to Managing Business Applications : Software Engineering Radio


Gill Hoffer, co-founder and CTO at Salto, talks with SE Radio host Kanchan Shringi about a new persona — the Business Engineer — created by the rise of SaaS and adoption of best-of-breed business applications for back office systems. They examine the evolution of tooling for developers and IT and the parallels with tooling needed for the Business Engineer. For organizations to actually use such business applications, they must first configure, customize, or extend them to fit their internal processes. It’s not just something that organizations need to do when they onboard but continuously over time as the processes change. The people managing these business applications must understand exactly what’s going on there and to continue evolving, managing, and administering them; these are the business engineers. Organizations need methodologies and tools to build real functions, very much as we saw with devops just 10-15 years ago.

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