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Easy Ways to Encourage Recycling Waste At the Office


Recycling in the office can be a great way for you to protect the environment and make sure that you are not throwing away items that have barely been used. On a busy day, it is easy for things to get lost or to just throw something away because you do not want to put in the effort. But all of these can add up quickly to a lot of unnecessary waste.

A better option to choose is to set up a system that will encourage yourself and others in the company to start recycling more than ever. Some of the easy ways that you can encourage recycling waste at the office include:

1.  Explore More to Reduce Waste

There are new technologies and even new advancements that have been able to add waste in different modes. You may have started a recycling program at some point to collect paper like magazines and newspapers and a few of the pieces that were printed off at work. Now, there is so much more waste that can happen at the office than before.

It will take some research to figure out what you can recycle well at the office. Some places may find that they go through a lot of batteries, bottles, bans, light bulbs, and more. Coming up with a good plan to help reduce all of these waste types, rather than just one, will help keep the office clean and environmentally friendly.

2.  Encourage Reusing Items at Work

Recycling Waste

When possible, it is a good idea to reuse some of the items that you have at work. For example, it may be tempting to purchase new office chairs each year and throw out the old ones, but this is a huge waste that is not helping you be environmentally friendly.

Think about how many times. You have had to purchase computers and their various components, phones, stationery, and office chairs when you hire a new batch of employees? You may find it possible to cut down on some of these costs with the help of an Upcycle program in your office.

For this, when a new or existing employee needs something, you can check the upcycle station to see if there is something that you can reuse for this employee. If you can, that will help you to reduce waste and will save your company money as well.

3.  Teach the Staff About Recycling

If you want others in the office to help with some of your dreams of recycling, you need to explain the importance of recycling to them and talk about some of the systems you would like to implement to help get this done.

Imposing rules within the office is not going to do a great job of helping the team become aware of why recycling is so important and they are not likely to do much to help keep the process going. For those who would like to start this program, there needs to be some education as well.

You must train your employees not only on the importance of recycling in the office but also about what you will recycle and what can’t be recycled. You can provide them with the relevant training, whether that includes putting up notices or handing out literature for them to read.

You may also want to get organized to make this happen. Many offices will have different color-coded bins for the different waste material types, making it easier for members of the team to figure out where to throw each type of waste.

4.  Take Follow-Ups


You must follow up on some of your plans when it comes to recycling in the office. You need to check in on the progress from time to time to see whether you are seeing results and a reduction in the amount of waste that your office is going through. If you do not keep up on some of it, it becomes easy for the recycling to fall by the wayside.

It is easy to have the best intentions when you get started. You will set up the whole thing and then tell your employees all about it. But then you get caught up in other things and do not follow up or monitor how the progress is going. And this is where problems can occur.

Take a look at how the process is going. Is your staff aware that they need to reuse things as much as possible before they order a new one? It is easy for everyone to forget some of the best practices that they should use with recycling, so you may need to restart some of the awareness programs to keep everyone on task.

5.  Reward the Commitment

Sometimes, a little encouragement will go a long way. If you notice that the members of your staff are working hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste in the business, then you should show your appreciation for all the hard work they do. It would be much easier for them to throw things in the garbage, but they are taking the right steps to help your business.

You can choose how to reward the commitment. Some will choose to do an award for being environment-friendly or you can award them the title of “Green warrior” if they do the best job of recycling within the company. This can work wonders and will allow you a chance to keep waste down to a minimum throughout the office.

Helping Your Office Recycle

There are so many great things that we can do in the office to make sure there is not an abundance of waste going out the door all the time. By following some of the tips above and implementing some of the strategies, you will be able to recycle more and make your office greener than before.

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