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Dexterity partners with Dematic to deploy full-task robots


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Dexterity robots performing parcel handling operations. | Source: Dexterity

Dexterity announced it’s establishing a strategic partnership with Dematic. Through the partnership, Dematic will offer Dexterity’s full-task robots as part of its intelligent automation solutions. Dematic will sell and deploy Dexterity’s robots globally and facilitate its entry into the European market.

Dexterity offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) robotic platform that turns standard industrial robot arms into full-task robots with a sense of touch and vision, and the ability to learn and multitask. To date, its robots have picked over 37 million goods in warehouses across the United States.

The partnership brings together Dexterity’s robotics technology and Dematic’s expertise in advanced supply chain solutions to provide fully integrated, autonomous and scalable solutions to the market. Dematic will offer everything from specific subsystems to complete operations.

“Dexterity-powered robots have increased the market demand for flexible automation that can operate in existing workflows and infrastructure,” Dexterity CEO Samir Menon said. “Partnering with an industry leader like Dematic will accelerate Dexterity customers deploying robots and greatly expand the global reach of Dexterity robots.”

Dematic plans to deploy robotic systems already contracted with Dexterity’s consumer goods, manufacturing, retail and parcel customers. The company will also sell and deploy Dexterity’s solutions within its own warehouse, distribution and order fulfillment customers over the next several years. The first Dematic-deployed Dexterity robot system is scheduled to be deployed in Q4 2022.

“Our growing partnership with Dexterity is yet another example of Dematic taking the necessary steps to continue to be a software and technology leader,” Hasan Dandashly, the president of Dematic and KION Group executive board member, said. “As a leader, we provide our customers with the intelligent solutions they require for success, and fully integrated robotic solutions fit hand-in-glove with that.”

The partnership will accelerate Dematic’s ability to offer customers adaptable and autonomous solutions that offer its customers increased flexibility. Additionally, its customers will have expertise from both companies during every phase of deployment, from initiation and planning, to execution and live operations. 

Earlier this year, Ed Mullen, previously the VP of sales for the Americas at Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) joined the Dexterity team as senior director of partnerships. The company recently emerged from stealth in 2020 and recently raised $140 million in Series B funding.


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