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Deutsche Bank Harman Interview Experience


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5 Rounds- 1 Test + 4 Interview

Round 1 (Online round: 90 minutes)

  • 3 questions based on DP, Arrays, Tree

Round 2(Technical)

  1. How are you doing?
  2. What about college? library?
        Do you read books? I told him I mostly google stuff as per requirement.
  3. What are your favorite topics and subjects?
  4. Tell me about OOPS concepts.
  5. Why oops is required?
  6. a practical example of private and public inheritance
  7. Does polymorphism also exist in c? yes, printf, scanf etc.
  8. C also has oops concepts but it needed more work to do
  9. Have you heard about nptel?
  10. Copy constructors
  11. Is oops about security or data hiding? it’s about data hiding i.e. abstraction
  12. Tell me about your intern project
  13. How much time you code in a day
  14. How do you go for course prep that is offered in college? I told him that we refer to material shared by teachers and the rest we google stuff as per requirement

Round 3(Technical):

  • How are your days going during covid?
  • Explain intern project in 2-3 minutes
  • Did you have a DBMS course?
  • Explain Normalization and first, second, and third normal form in 2-3 minutes
  • Do you know about joins? Which joins do you know about?
    You have a department table with 3 rows with 1,2,3 dept id and an employee table with 40 rows which has 20 rows for 1,2 id each
select * from dept left outer join emp where;
  • What does the above query return?
  • How many rows does the output have?
  • The difference between deleting and truncating
  • Do you know about transactions? Tell about ACID properties of transactions.
  • Difference between DML, DDL, and DCL
  • Is your intern project UI-based or backend-based?
  • Which backend is used?
  • Is your UI tests written to any software?
  • Why selenium/ which language was used for the intern project and why
  • How to see test results
  • Have you implemented the CI/CD pipeline end to end or some part of it
  • Tell about an end to end child pipeline in detail

Round 4(HR):

  1. How were the first 2 rounds?
  2. Which job position do you want to be part of? like ML, coding, etc.
  3. In your free time, do you only prefer to work on web dev?
  4. Have you uploaded projects on GitHub?
  5. Do you have projects on your laptop?
  6. Run any one of the projects you mentioned in your resume and explain it

(Project Related Ques) 

  1. Explain what is that threshold and how it is calculated
  2. What is that vibrator doing in line 142

Round 5(HR):

  1. How was your experience of the online coding round, three interviews?
  2. What are you doing these days?
  3. Any hackathons or competitive competitions? I didn’t participate in any hackathons yet, so I told him about the short competitions I participated in.
  4. Your areas of interests 
  5. Are you willing to relocate?
  6. Is any close relative in the public sector?


  • Have patience, don’t give up.
  • Be 100% honest. It will reflect confidence too.
  • You have to assume that interviewer knows nothing about the ans and the different terms you will use in ans, so you have to explain everything from a to z (i.e. each and every term). 
  • Also, make sure you use pen and paper to make the interviewer visualize stuff.
  • Always keep a smile on your face. 
  • Be natural, be energetic and be excited. This should be reflected in your answers and the way you will talk.


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