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Czinger Vehicles unveils follow-up model to its 21C hypercar


The 21C V Max is the second body style of Czinger Vehicle’s first production car and the company claims it is the world’s first human-AI designed and 3D printed hypercar.

Czinger says the new car is engineered for the ultimate combined acceleration and top speed, and the extended and aerodynamic-driven tail profile sets it apart from its high downforce counterpart.

A hypercar is a high-performance car that Howards Motor Group say take up only 1% of all cars worldwide. The first ever hypercar, the Lamborghini Miura, also known as the P400, was produced in 1963.

The bodywork of the V Max has been sculpted using additive manufacturing to produce the lowest coefficient of drag possible. The in-house designed hybrid powertrain features a 2.88 litre, twin turbo V8 that delivers an output of 932kW.

Czinger says that the focus of the V Max on low drag, but with optimised levels of downforce ensures maximum stability at speed. Inside the car features carbon fibre, overlaid with a fully trimmed interior and sculpted, covered inner door panels and rear seat area. 

The company also previewed the Hyper GT, a new coupe developed using AI, automated assembly and additive manufacturing.

Czinger also showcased a new colour for the 21C, with the launch of the model in “Blue My Mind,” a cobalt blue colour. Czinger states that its achievements with the 21C and its Czinger family counterparts exist as proof of what can be conceived when the physical constraints of traditional manufacturing and tooling are removed.

“This is a historic moment in time and one that will fundamentally change automotive manufacturing for generations to come. The future isn’t 10, 20 or 30 years away. The future is now,” said Kevin Czinger, Co-Founder of Czinger Vehicles.

3D printing has become a common manufacturing method in the world of hypercard. Last year, Arash Motor Company began using MakerBot 3D printing technology to produce parts for its “next-generation” hypercar project, as well as Rodin Cars beginning to 3D Systems AM technology for a 3D printed gearbox around the same time.

Kevin Czinger’s Divergent Technologies business also recently announced Aston Martin as its first commercial OEM partner

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