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Cribl Announces $150M Series D, Launches Cribl Search


Observability vendor Cribl has announced a $150 million Series D round, bringing the company’s total funding to $400 million.

Additionally, Cribl introduced a new product, Cribl Search, which it calls “a bold new vision to advance the category of observability” and “the first open and vendor-agnostic analytics tool to perform ‘search-in-place’ queries.” The company says Cribl Search will enable queries on any data, in any format, at any location, which will allow security and IT operations teams to act in real time.

Cribl Search is the latest offering in Cribl’s observability portfolio that includes an AIOps platform, Cribl Stream, and Cribl Edge, two products that are the foundation of Cribl Search. Observability tools are fast becoming essential in the modern data stack, as some companies are now working with vast amounts of telemetry data each day, including metric, event, log, and trace, or MELT data. Monitoring MELT data shows the health and performance of interdependent systems, and observability tools assist IT professionals with collecting, structuring, analyzing, and gaining insight from this essential data.

This graphic shows how Cribl Search fits into the Cribl ecosystem of products. Source: Cribl

Cribl says its new Cribl Search can perform “search-in-place” queries at the edge through Cribl Edge, in flight through Cribl Stream, in an organization’s observability lake, or within existing systems. It can expand and enrich the capabilities of existing systems, which the company says can help maximize ROI and give customers control and choice when conducting business analyses. Cribl Search is the first product to spring from the company’s newly formed Cribl Zero2One (C021) perpetual innovation lab.

“Five years ago, we started Cribl to help IT and security practitioners unlock the full power of observability,” said Clint Sharp, CEO and co-founder of Cribl. “As our company continues to grow and innovate, we see an even broader mission: to chart the future of the observability category. With this new funding helping us build toward Cribl Search and beyond, we look forward to breaking down the barriers to entry that challenge many organizations’ observability practices and giving our customers the choice and control they need to leverage observability to both improve IT operations and drive business outcomes.”

Sharp penned a blog post accompanying the product launch that discusses the growing problem of data accessibility. With so many different types of data being stored within such a variety of formats, finding the right data while investigating business questions is a challenge. He asks: “How do we get to data at the edge that it doesn’t make sense to centralize? How do we give users the ability to access data in any data store? How do we get to data that doesn’t fit into traditional data processing tools? How do we make use of our observability lakes without moving data to other tools?”

The company built Cribl Search to address these issues. “Cribl Search fundamentally changes how we think about data processing in observability and security. Search offers a new search-in-place approach with federated, centralized query, and decentralized data storage. Search allows you to put data in the right place for that data, offering the best advantages of existing data storage while also giving you the ability to query raw data at the edge, in the stream, or in your data lake,” said Sharp. “Search complements all of your existing investments in data technology while providing a familiar search experience that feels comfortable to users of existing investigation tools. Search is cloud native. It’s elastically scalable, and the infrastructure is only running while queries are processed.”

From left to right: Dritan Bitincka, Clint Sharp, and Ledion Bitincka, co-founders of Cribl. Source: Cribl

With its new product and funding, Cribl seems poised to continue its growth. Tuesday’s Series D round was led by Tiger Global Management with participation from existing investors CRV, IVP, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia, and Greylock Partners. This round comes less than a year from last summer’s Series C funding, which Cribl says is indicative of the growing role of observability within business analytics, along with the company achieving a 300% increase year-over-year in annual recurring revenue and tripling its customer base in FY 2021.

“Cribl is taking an innovative approach to modernizing the search experience for cybersecurity and operations teams,” said Chris DePuy, technology analyst and founder of 650 Group. “By making data discoverable and searchable without having to first move it, Cribl Search offers the broadest visibility and accelerates troubleshooting, security investigations, and operational efficiencies while still giving its customers choice and control over how they use their observability data.”

Cribl Search is launching in private beta and the company is accepting early customer requests beginning today. Interested parties can submit their information to the Cribl Zero2One organization here.

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