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Best MVNO carrier 2022 | Android Central


The best MVNO carriers work fast to offer a great value with solid coverage in a very competitive market by leveraging the network of one of the major carriers. This structure can lead to a huge range of plans and keep you out of a contract and payment plans so you’re not stuck with a pricey carrier for years. With some carriers offering eSIM activation, you could even get signed up with just an app. Mint Mobile is the best overall MVNO offering great data options and amazing, convenient family plans.

These are the best MVNO carriers for Android

Mint Mobile review

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Buy more to save

Reasons to buy


Save in bulk


Fast T-Mobile network with 5G


Great phone compatibility


Easy to activate


Family plan savings available

Reasons to avoid

Unlimited plan only gets 5GB of hotspot data

Must buy a minimum of three months

Mint Mobile is a unique MVNO because the minimum amount of service you can buy is three months. Mint also manages to keep things fresh by consistently updating its offerings to meet the shifting needs of users. Mint Mobile has many of the same network strengths and weaknesses as other T-Mobile-based MVNOs, but coverage should be solid for most people. Fortunately, T-Mobile’s network comes close to being one of the fastest you can get, and with 5G, one of the most advanced.


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