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8 Best RV Shower Head To Save Water


Gone are the days when RVs used to be simple vehicles with bare minimal accessories required to offer a room for one. Nowadays, RVs have advanced a lot and some decent ones also have a private bathroom with a hot water supply, offering you a great living space while you are on a long-distance trip.

If you also have an RV, there are a handful of accessories that you should definitely check out such as an RV shower head. If your RV has a shower connection, an RV shower head will certainly be a quality of life upgrade for you. But before you buy one, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Hose Length: The best part about shower heads is that they also arrive with a hose attached to the unit. So, you can not only replace the broken shower head in your RV but also the leaky hose and get a completely new shower set up for the best experience. But, you also need to consider how long of a hose would you actually need. If the hose is too long, it might be a hassle to wrap it up while installing the unit.

  • Size: The size of the shower head can also be an important factor, especially if you are replacing an older unit from your RV. For the best installation, you should choose an option that matches the size of your current RV shower head. This way, you won’t need to make any extra adjustments while installing the shower head. And if you are looking for a larger option, just make sure that it fits well in your RV.
  • Water Pressure: The water pressure available from every shower head will be different, based on its design and hose size. If the pressure is too low, you will find the shower completely undesirable. But if the pressure is too much, the shower would be nothing short of a forced water jet. While you are buying an RV shower head, just make sure that it offers the water pressure suitable for your habits.

Since RV accessories are not that common, a lot of users struggle to find the best option and wound up with a temporary option that needs to be replaced sooner or later. If you are looking for a permanent upgrade, you have come to the right place. Today, we are featuring the best RV shower head you can possibly find on the market right now. These options are selected based on the properties mentioned above and some more. If you want to know more about these shower heads, take a look at our “Buying Guide” for the best RV shower head.

Best RV Shower Head 

Best RV Shower Head Reviews

1. PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit

PIH RV Shower Head


We will start our list of the best RV shower heads with the most popular option in the market coming from PIH. PIH not only designs shower heads, but also other accessories that you will need with your shower head.

Coming in 1st place, we have the PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head. As the name suggests, this shower head is specifically designed for RVs. It is also the cheapest option you will find, making it suitable as a replacement unit for a broken shower head. This is a high-pressure shower head. Thus, you can experience an instant increase in water pressure as soon as you replace your current shower head with the PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head.

Apart from that, you will also get a pause setting on the PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head to allow you to stop the water flow instantly to save water. You can also adjust the water pressure as per your requirement thanks to the massage setting. The PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head comes with a 59 inches long hose along with all other accessories that you will need for installation.

Best Features

  • Made by PIH
  • Comes with a 59 inches long hose
  • Measures about 6.6 x 3.3 x 8.4 inches in size
  • Most affordable option for an RV shower head


  • Suitable for basic needs
  • Offers additional features apart from pause
  • Comes with a 59 inches long hose


  • Overall build quality could have been better

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2. ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower

ETL RV Shower Head

ETL, on the other hand, is a rather premium brand for automobile accessories such as exhaust kits, intercooler kits, and many other small components. They also have an RV shower head that you will definitely like for its features.

Our 2nd choice for the best RV shower head is the ETL 26781, This is a white body shower head that looks good in almost every single bathroom setup. Furthermore, it comes with a 60 inches long hose so you can use this shower head without any problem. This is also a rather larger unit measuring up to 11.9 x 6.3 x 4.5 inches in size.

The ETL 26781 comes with patented Oxygenics technology that manages to increase the oxygen content in your water while increasing the pressure for the best experience. You also get adjustable water pressure settings with the ETL 26781 offering soft to stimulating water pressure levels. ETL guarantees zero clogging problems with the ETL 26781 since it is made up of high-quality material. You will also have a limited lifetime warranty on the ETL 26781.

Best Features

  • Made by ETL
  • Comes with a 60 inches long hose
  • Measures about 11.9 x 6.3 x 4.5 inches in size
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Oxygenics to increase oxygen content in the water
  • It has a lifetime warranty period
  • 60 inches long hose is included


  • A bit expensive for the available features

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3. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch

Camco RV Shower Head

If you already have a cramped bathroom in your RV, then you should go with a portable RV shower head like the one made by Camco. It is also a highly affordable option available on our picks.

In 3rd place, we have the Camco 43712. This is a simple and affordable RV shower head that is suitable for compact installations. The unit itself measures about 10 x 7 x 1 inches in size and is about 9 inches long that can be easily tucked away when it is not in use. It also has an ON/OFF switch that lets you pause the water flow anytime you want.

The head of the Camco 43712 measures about 4 inches in diameter so that you will get a decent water discharge from the unit. Apart from the ON/OFF option, you also get 5 additional spray patterns varying from drenching rain to a gentle massage, making it better than many other premium choices. You will also notice rubber spray tips with the Camco 43712 that allow ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Best Features

  • Made by Camco
  • Comes with a 9 inches long hose
  • Measures about ‎10 x 7 x 1 inches in size
  • Offers 5 spray patterns


  • Portable RV shower head
  • Best option for compact bathrooms
  • Easy to use and install


  • It is smaller than many other options

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4. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT RV Economical Shower Head

Dura Faucet RV Shower Head

Dura Faucet also has a very attractive option for an RV shower head present on our list. This is also a decent option for portable shower installations since it has a compact showerhead.

If you are still looking for a compact RV shower head, then the Dura Faucet DF-SA130 will be a great option for an RV shower head. It is also a highly economical option since it features many attractive qualities within an affordable price range. It has a 60 inches hose included with the set that makes it perfect for RVs. And if you are particular about color, you shouldn’t worry since the Dura Faucet DF-SA130 is available with 7 color options.

The Dura Faucet DF-SA130 shower head is designed with an easy-grip base that prevents the showerhead from slipping from wet hands. You also get a water-saving trickle valve switch that allows you a quick change in the water pressure to save water. Overall, the product is made up of premium-grade synthetic resins, making it completely safe from corrosion and fading.

Best Features

  • Made by Dura Faucet
  • Comes with a 60 inches long hose
  • Measures about ‎8 x 2.3 x 7.9 inches in size
  • Made up of premium-grade synthetic resins


  • 7 color options are available
  • Easy to install
  • Showerhead is very compact


  • It does not have an ON/OFF switch

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5. RV Shower Head with Hose

Awelife RV Shower Head

Awelife also has a variety of designs for RV shower heads as well as for the accessories needed for RV shower installations. On top of that, most options made by Awelife are very affordable.

The Awelife RV Shower Head is also a great option in terms of performance and the build quality. It also has an ON/OFF switch similar to many other options mentioned on this list so far. It offers ample water-saving along with options for high water pressure if needed. On top of that, it also has a chrome finish, making it appear just like standard bathroom accessories.

There are 6 different color options available for the Awelife RV Shower Head so that you will get the best option per your liking. With the Awelife RV Shower Head, you will be able to save up to 0.35 GPM water. It also comes with a 60 inches long double-connector metal hose which is completely leakage-free and suitable for outdoor usage. There is a 1-year money-back guarantee on the Awelife RV Shower Head if you don’t find the product useful.

Best Features

  • Made by Awelife
  • Comes with a 60 inches long hose
  • Measures about 8.58 x 6.38 x 2.52 inches in size
  • Comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee


  • Saves up to 0.35 GPM of water
  • Comes with a 60 inches long metal hose
  • Set has a 4-position shower head holder


  • Shower head could have been a bit larger

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6. Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

Oxygenics RV Shower Head

If you still haven’t found the perfect shower head for your RV, take a look at some of the premium options we have chosen for our list from Oxygenics. These are the best options we have on our list since they are made by Oxygenics.

The Oxygenics 26481 would not feel like a  portable RV shower head at all since they offer a premium design and build quality with a brushed nickel body. It also features Oxygenics technology that you will only find on a handful of picks which amplifies the water pressure and makes the experience even more desirable for you. And, it has an added SmartPause valve that preserves the tank water level by limiting the water flow when necessary.

The Oxygenics 26481 also features a special spray pattern that allows you to take quick showers, offering faster washing and rinsing for long hair. The internal components of the Oxygenics 26481 are made up of non-stick material. So, you won’t be facing problems like mineral buildup which results in clogging the hose. Talking about the hose, the Oxygenics 26481 comes with a 60 inches long hose, making the unit even more perfect for large bathrooms.

Best Features

  • Made by Oxygenics
  • Comes with a 60 inches long hose
  • Measures about 12.05 x 6.46 x 4.41 inches in size
  • Internal components are made up of non-stick material


  • Features a built-in SmartPause valve
  • Hose length is pretty good
  • Helps to lower the water consumption


  • Not a suitable option if you want a basic RV shower head

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7. Oxygenics 92781 Fury Hand-Held Sprayer Kit White

Oxygenics 92781 RV Shower Head

We have but one more great RV shower head designed by Oxygenics. Similar to our last choice, it also offers a brilliant design aspect along with a compact form factor.

The Oxygenics 92781 is another premium choice for a powerful RV shower head from Oxygenics. It also features non-stick internal parts to avoid clogging problems down the line. Furthermore, these parts are completely corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long lifespan for the shower head. Within the package, you will get the shower head, 72 inches long hose, and all necessary mounting peripherals to offer ease of installation.

Similar to many other choices on this list, the Oxygenics 92781 is also available in various finishes and color options so that you can get the perfect unit for your shower setup. Overall, the shower head itself measures only 5 x 5 x 5 inches in size, making it a much more portable and easy-to-use option. And, the shut-off valve present on the Oxygenics 92781 helps to maintain the water pressure as well as temperature while you are using the unit.

Best Features

  • Made by ‎Oxygenics
  • Comes with a 72 inches long hose
  • Measures about 5 x 5 x 5 inches in size
  • Multiple finishes and color options are available


  • It has a very long hose
  • Designed for best performance for RV installations
  • Adjustable water pressure supported


  • Very expensive option from our picks

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8. JONKEAN high-pressure Shower Head

JONKEAN RV Shower Head - Copy

If you are a fan of multi-functional devices, then the following option made by JONKEAN will certainly be a preferred choice for you. JONKEAN is a well-known brand in the market known for its bathroom accessories, especially shower heads.

The JONKEAN high-pressure Shower Head is our last choice for the best RV shower heads present here. As the name suggests, this is a high-pressure RV shower head offering 3 different water pressure options along with a separate ON/OFF switch. JONKEAN is ensuring up to a 200% increase in water pressure once you have installed this unit in your RV. Other modes include jetting, massage, and a gentle rainfall mode.

The entire assembly of the JONKEAN high-pressure Shower Head is completely detachable which makes the unit very easy to clean. Along with the shower head, you will get a stainless steel hose, assuring a premium build quality all over the assembly. You can also adjust the angle of the JONKEAN high-pressure Shower Head while you are using it to reach difficult areas with ease.

Best Features

  • Made by JONKEAN
  • Comes with an angle-adjustable bracket
  • Measures about ‎9.84 x 3.15 x 2.09 inches in size
  • Offers 3+1 functionality


  • 3 water pressure modes are available
  • Comes with a 59 inches long stainless steel hose
  • Overall build quality is very good


  • Only 2 color options are available

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Shower Head

If you are still stuck with the default RV shower head that came with your RV, you might have started noticing a few problems with the unit such as leakage or improper water pressure. If yes, then you are in dire need of an upgrade. By simply replacing the RV shower head in your RV along with its hose, you will be greeted by a whole new showering experience.

The new shower head might also help you save water while you are showering in your RV, an important step especially if you travel to deserted areas frequently. If you are set on replacing the RV shower head in your RV, you have arrived at the right place. On this page, you will find the best options for an RV shower head. But before you choose one, kindly check out our buying guide for the best RV shower head. In this guide, we will talk about some important characteristics of the RV shower head and help you understand how each product differs from one another.

1. Durability

The very first thing that you should check before buying an RV shower head is whether it is durable or not. One of the main reasons why most users upgrade their RV shower head is either a bad unit that came with the RV or a broken RV shower head which is of no use anymore. If you don’t want the same thing happening to your new Rv shower head, just make sure that you are buying one that offers a decent build quality.

And you can check that by simply verifying the material used for the construction of the RV shower head. Apart from the head itself, you should also check the quality of the hose and make sure that it won’t cause leakage problems down the line. Another way to ensure whether the RV shower head you are buying is durable or not is to check the brand offering it. If the brand is popular in the market and already has a considerable number of customers, you won’t need to worry about the build quality offered by the brand.

2. Water Pressure

The water pressure available with an RV shower head can be a deciding factor for a lot of users since it affects the overall performance of the shower head as well as the showering experience available with the unit. You can probably imagine how awful it can be if the shower head does not offer enough water pressure. Standing below a dribbling water stream would certainly not offer you a fulfilling showering experience.

On the other hand, if the water pressure is too much, it might also cross the line between showering and attacking yourself with a water jet. To get a balanced experience, you should select an RV shower head that offers an adjustable water pressure setting. This way, you can select the desired water pressure based on your needs and also save water by keeping the water pressure low when not needed. Some premium options also offer additional water pressure options such as gentle water massage or rainfall mode that will enhance your showering experience even more.

3. Size and Hose Length

Another important factor that majorly affects the overall performance of the shower head is its physical size. If the shower head in general has a larger head, you will find a promising performance from the unit. With more surface area, there will be more holes in the unit, offering better water discharge with uniform pressure. Also, it would help you cover a larger area with water quickly, which is unfortunately not possible with smaller shower heads.

As for the hose, the important qualities are its material, length, and diameter. Apart from the build quality, the length and diameter of the hose will surely affect the water discharge rate and water pressure. If the hose diameter is too large, the velocity of water flow will be lower. And if it’s too tight, the water pressure might not be enjoyable at all. As for its length, you should consider the length of your current RV shower head hose and see if it’s too long or too short right now and make a decision based on that.

4. Efficiency

Lastly, we will suggest you check the efficiency of the RV shower head you are going to buy. When it comes to an RV, the most important factor for all included accessories is efficiency. Just like the electrical appliances using too much electricity can be disastrous for your RV, the RV shower head using too much water is not that different.

In your RV, you will have limited space, electricity, and supply of clean water. So, the RV shower you are going to buy should have a balance between water pressure and water usage to offer you a good showering experience without emptying your tank at once. If you usually visit places that have an ample supply of clean water, you don’t have to worry about the efficiency of the RV shower head that much.

But for visits to forests or deserted camping areas, it is one of the most important characteristics. To ensure you are buying an efficient RV shower head, you should first check how much water is needed for your current setup. You can use it as a reference to whether you want to use more or less water with your new V shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a standard shower head in my RV?

Ans: Technically, the shower connections in your RV would not be any different than the ones you have at your home. Thus, you can possibly use any standard shower head with your RV. But, we will strongly recommend using one that is specifically designed for an RV for the following reasons:
* RV shower heads usually offer an adjustable water flow rate, if not just lower than what you would get with a standard shower head.
* RV shower heads are smaller and more portable in comparison, suitable for RV installation.
* RV shower heads are lightweight and do not cause much strain on the RV wall.

2. Does a premium RV shower head help with excessive water usage?

Ans: Shower heads that are specifically designed for RVs are specifically designed to minimize the water flow rate to help you save water while you are showering. If you decide to go with a premium option, you can probably get one that has an adjustable flow rate option. This way, you can save water based on the remaining water available in your water tank. There are a few options that also have a smart-pause option to lower the water flow when the tank has reached a critical level.

3. What is the general flow rate available with RV shower heads?

Ans: Generally, the water flow rate available with an RV shower head is about 1.5 gallons per minute. So if you have about 100 gallons capacity in your water tank, your tank can be emptied by an RV shower head in around an hour. In comparison, standard home shower heads have a flow rate of about 2 to 4 gallons per minute, almost double compared to what you get with an RV shower head. But, the performance of the RV shower head also depends upon your usage habits and how careful you are while showering in your RV.


Today, we have looked at some of the best options present in the market for an RV shower head. These options are specifically designed for RVs so that you can get a desirable experience while showering without washing gallons of water at a time. If you are planning to replace your current RV shower head, you will easily find a decent upgrade option right here.

Since we have mentioned the best features as well as the pros and cons of each option, it should be pretty easy to find the best option under your budget. We also have a buying guide for the best RV shower head on this guide to help you choose the right option. In the end, we will offer you some handy recommendations so that you can make a quicker decision.

  • PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head is the cheapest option that has been included on our list. So if you are looking for such an option, we will suggest you go for it. The PIH high-pressure RV Handheld Shower Head comes with a 59 inches long hose which is admirable for this budget. You will also find many fancy options on this RV shower head like the pause setting and a special water massage mode.
  • On the other hand, the Oxygenics 26481 is one of the most premium options on this list and is suitable for a similarly premium RV bathroom setup. This shower head is made with a brushed nickel body so that you will get the look and feel of a premium accessory. The Oxygenics technology on the Oxygenics 26481 offers great water pressure while widening the coverage area for the best experience. The internal parts of the Oxygenics 26481 are made up of non-stick material to prevent problems like clogging and mineral buildup.
  • If you are a fan of multifunctional devices, take a look at the JONKEAN high-pressure Shower Head. Unlike most other RV shower heads, this shower head has 3 different spray settings that are water jet, massage, and rainfall water output. You also get an ON/OFF switch to quickly pause the water flow for instant water saving. It also comes with a 50 inches long water hose offering ½ inch diameter for an ideal flow of water.


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