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301 redirect is still working great


Recently checking my backlinks i found pretty interesting project which was linking to me.
I like to analyse other projects so did fast check of traffic and backlinks profile. I was amazed how fast it grows

In the end of January it didn’t has even 100 organic visitors according to Semrush

And you can see how much it has now.
I was curious how do they reach that so i went and check what was their backlinks growing and here’s what i saw
Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 10.35.45.png

What a hockey stick, right? Well i think it’s almost impossible to get so much links in short period of time unless you have a team of link-builders and/or you have a deep pockets.
Digging a bit deeper we see that a lot of links comes from 301 redirect (,,,…). So fascinating apparently 301 works as charm which i was doubt about.

In most threads on BHW i see that people suggest to do 301 redirect very carefully, restoring previous content, merging it with your project etc. Almost everyone is pointing on Neil Patel and Backlinko, but is it worth to do so much work if somebody just bought a bunch of domains and reach such a great results?

I’m not to good in SEO, just learning so for me this case is just another step in getting better, hope it will be useful for other too

P.S: What you guys think about it? Can such project be sustainable or it will die fast? Is this approach profitable?



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