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10 Best Speakers for Vinyl in 2022 Reviews


If you have already picked the best vinyl player for yourself, it is time to take a look at the selection of the best speaker suitable for your vinyl player. Traditional vinyl players used to have a built-in speaker with basic output capacity and little to no room for adjustments or improvements.

However, vinyl players these days offer an analog output so that you can connect any standard speaker system to your vinyl player and get the performance you want. If you are looking forward to getting an audiophile-grade experience from your vinyl player, make sure you check the following parameters of the speakers before making a choice.

  • Speaker Wattage: Even if your speakers are offering decent audio quality with accurate sound production, you won’t be satisfied with them until they offer the loudness which you desire from your system. To ensure the sound capacity of your speakers, simply take a look at their wattage capacity. Since the wattage rating directly relates to the loudness, you can rest assured that a 120 watts speaker will be louder than a 60 watts one.
  • Frequency Response: Frequency response is a fairly technical specification of a speaker set that is usually ignored by a standard user. The frequency response range of a speaker set dictates its accuracy levels and the overall range of the sounds it can produce. If you want an all-in-one unit that offers a desirable bass output along with crisp mids and highs, you should consider going with the ones that offer a high-frequency response range.
  • Driver Size: Another important factor for speakers is their driver size. As you might have noticed, not all speakers belong to the same physical form factor due to the variation in the driver size. Generally, the driver of speakers lies between 4 to 8 inches in size. Within that, you should try to get the largest option available in your budget since these drivers are capable of producing stronger bass output without compromising the quality of mids or highs.

Since professional-grade speakers are quite expensive, you need to make sure that you are buying the right option from hundreds of variants available on the market. Therefore, we have prepared this list of the best speakers which can be the perfect companion for your vinyl player. As we have specified all the details and specifications with each of our picks, you will find it pretty easy to pick the one that suits your needs the best. For any further help, you can refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best speakers for vinyl.

Best Speakers for Vinyl

Best Speakers for Vinyl Reviews

1. Edifier Speakers for Vinyl

Edifier Speakers for vinylWe will begin our selection of the best speakers for vinyl platters with one of the most popular speakers on the market right now. This set is designed by Edifier which is a well-respected brand for audiophile-grade audio peripherals.

Present at the top of our picks, we have the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers. You must have heard about this set before since there are tons of users that already own this powerful speaker set. These are stereo active field monitors that offer up to 42 watts RMS wattage capacity along with 4 inches driver for balanced sound output. For input, these speakers have 2 AUX inputs, allowing you to connect 2 devices simultaneously with the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers.

Edifier is a promising studio-grade sound performance with the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers since it has a 13mm silk dome tweeter along with the 4 inches full-range driver. And as for the frequency response range, these speakers are capable of producing sound within 75 Hz to 18 kHz frequency range which is quite a wide range. On top of that, you will get a classic wooden finish on the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, making it perfect for traditional vinyl players.

Best Features

  • Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 42 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 75 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Primary driver is 4 inches in size


  • Offers dual input options
  • Remote control is available
  • Classic wooden finish for an attractive design


  • Wattage capacity is not suitable for large rooms

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2. Polk Audio Speakers for Vinyl

Polk Audio Speakers for vinylPolk-audio is also a popular brand name for high-quality speakers. Thus, we are putting the following option from Polk Audio on our list since it can be the best option for a vinyl turntable.

In the 2nd position, we are putting one of the most powerful options we have on our list of the best speakers for vinyl. The Polk Audio T15 is more of a home theater system with Hi-Res sound output capacity. It also produces a rich and deep bass response thanks to the frequency response range of 60 Hz to 24 kHz. However, the best quality of this set is its output capacity. The Polk Audio T15 is rated for about 100 watts output, offering a loud sound output.

The Polk Audio T15 also supports sound-enhancing technologies such as the Doby sound system and DTS surround sound output for an even better experience. You can also get an idea about its sound quality from its 5.25 inches large dynamic balance drivers coupled with 0.75 inches tweeters. If you want the best setup, we will recommend mounting the speakers directly on the wall. This way, you can have a permanent sound system in your home without any hurdles.

Best features

  • Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 100 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 60 Hz to 24 kHz
  • Powered by 5.15 inches large dynamic primary drivers


  • It is a home theatre system
  • Output capacity is very good
  • Can be upgraded to a 5.1, 7.1, or even 9.1 setup


  • Tweeter size is a bit small

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3. Sony Speakers for Vinyl

Sony Speakers for vinylAs we all know, Sony does not compromise at all when it comes to their electronic products, whether you are looking at a TV sound system, or a smartphone made by Sony. Thus, we have included a premium set of speakers from Sony as our next pick.

In the 3rd position, we are putting the Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speaker system. Unlike the options we have seen so far, the Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speaker system features a 3-way driver arrangement. It includes a standard 5.12 inches large woofer for a deep and stable bass response accompanied by 2 tweeters for high-frequency sounds. Of which, one is a standard 1-inch tweeter whereas the other one is a smaller ¾ inch tweeter.

With this driver arrangement, the Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speaker system is capable of offering a response to a wide range of frequency inputs starting from 50 Hz all the way up to 50 kHz. On top of that, the maximum output capacity of this system is up to 100 watts, offering reliable performance even for large rooms. You also get the option to upgrade the Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speaker system up to a 5.1.2 surround sound system by adding other great speakers designed by Sony to your set.

Best features

  • Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 100 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 53 to 50,000 Hz
  • Features a 5.12 inches primary driver with a 1-inch tweeter and an additional ¾ inch tweeter.


  • Offering the best frequency response at this price range
  • Maximum power capacity is pretty good
  • Overall build quality is highly reliable


  • Quite an expensive choice compared to our last offering

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4. JBL Speakers for Vinyl

JBL Speakers for vinylIf you have looked for a professional studio-grade speaker system before, you must have come across a handful of options designed by JBL. The following option is one such speaker system made by JBL that can be an ideal pick for vinyl players.

The JBL Professional Studio Monitor is yet another powerful option that we have picked for our list today. It is in a rather affordable price range compared to other options with similar specifications and power ratings. The JBL Professional Studio Monitor offers about 82 watts of power capacity which can be an ideal choice for medium to large rooms. This set belongs to the MkII series from JBL, offering new-generation transducers as well as the new Boundary EQ for accurate sound production.

As for the driver, the JBL Professional Studio Monitor houses a 5 inches wide primary driver which is what you will get in most other premium options as well. It also offers a pretty decent frequency response range, especially favoring the low-end sound since it supports sound generation at 49 Hz to 20 kHz frequency. And to further improve the sound, it also has dual Class-D power amps that drive the drivers up to their full potential.

Best features

  • Monitor speakers
  • Comes with 82 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 49 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Features standard 5 inches drivers


  • Frequency response range favors low-end sounds
  • Features new boundary EQ along with next-gen JBL transducers
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • HIghest supported frequency is lower than what other options would offer

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5. Audioengine Speakers for Vinyl

Audioengine Speakers for vinylNow that you are familiar with standard options from our list, let us raise the bar with a truly audiophile-grade option from Audioengine. Apart from this bookshelf speaker, Audioengine also designs wireless speakers and other audio components.

The Audioengine A5+ Plus is the most premium choice you will find on our list today. But with the given features, it is certainly a great pick if you own a similarly premium vinyl turntable. When it comes to sheer power capacity, the Audioengine A5+ Plus will offer you a leading performance with up to 150 watts of power output capacity. Along with that, you also have the advantage of 5 inches primary drivers custom-designed for this set. These drivers are aramid fiber woofers coupled with similarly premium 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters.

Even if you are using the wireless option with the Audioengine A5+ Plus, you would not notice much of a downgrade in terms of audio quality since it supports aptX HD Bluetooth technology for connection. On top of that, it also houses a 24-bit DAC that manages to deliver almost identical sound quality compared to standard analog input. Since this is a highly premium device, you will receive a 3-year long warranty period on the Audioengine A5+ Plus to ensure long-lasting reliability.

Best features

  • Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 150 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 50 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Comes with a 3-year long warranty period


  • One of the most powerful options
  • Custom designed 5 inches primary driver
  • Gold-plated banana plug speaker wire


  • Most expensive option for a speaker

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6. SINGING WOOD Speakers for Vinyl

SINGING WOOD Speakers for vinylIf you are still looking for a basic but effective option for your vinyl player, look no further. The next speaker set on our list is coming from SINGING WOOD, a highly affordable brand for speakers.

The SINGING WOOD BT25 is also one of the most affordable options present on our list of the best speakers for vinyl players. This is also a Bluetooth-powered set of speakers offering wireless connectivity for the ease of the user. As for its form factor, you will find the SINGING WOOD BT25 pretty similar to any other bookshelf speaker you may find on the market. However, this set features a built-in amplifier which is not as common when it comes to affordable units.

Furthermore, you will be able to remotely control the speaker since it comes with a dedicated remote controller designed to work with the SINGING WOOD BT25. and to make the output quality even better, these speakers are enclosed in a wooden enclosure. Coming to the drivers, the SINGING WOOD BT25 features a 4 inches full-range driver along with a standard 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter. The RMS output capacity of these speakers is about 50 watts, while the frequency range lies between 66 Hz to 20 kHz.

Best features

  • Wireless Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 50 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 66 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Comes with 4 inches primary drivers


  • One of the most affordable options for a vinyl player
  • Comes with a built-in amplifier
  • Dedicated remote controller included


  • Power capacity is quite low

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7. Klipsch Speakers for Vinyl

Klipsch Speakers for vinylIf you ask a true audiophile about speaker recommendations, you will most definitely get a couple of recommendations from Klipsch. This is also a premium brand that designs high quality speaker units as well as TWS earphones.

The Klipsch R-15PM is yet another powered monitor available on our list that is capable of fulfilling sound performance for medium to large rooms. It has 5.25 inches wide primary drivers that are comparatively larger than what you can get with most options around this budget. Along with that, Klipsch is also providing a frequency response of 62 Hz to 24 kHz from these speakers, ensuring an enriched bass performance that a lot of users desire.

As for the I/O, the  Klipsch R-15PM features a standard pair of RCA phono level inputs with a separate switch for phono/line input for the versatility of connection. You can also connect your laptop or desktop computer to the Klipsch R-15PM thanks to the USB port present alongside the RCA ports. And if you want to connect an additional subwoofer to the set, you can do that with the RCA line-level output. Since this is a premium choice, you will have a Bluetooth connectivity option along with an IR remote control to allow using the speakers from anywhere in the room.

Best features

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Versatile in terms of I/O
  • Frequency response range is 62 Hz to 24 kHz
  • Bluetooth connection supported


  • Large driver size
  • Comes with an IR remote
  • Attractive in terms of design


  • A bit on the expensive side with given specifications

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8. Fluance Speakers for Vinyl

Fluance Speakers for vinylThere are only a few brands on the market like Fluance that produce a value for money set of speakers which are highly versatile in nature. Thus, we are bringing one such option from Fluance on our picks to offer you a great choice under an affordable budget.

The Fluance Elite High Definition speakers are also 2-way speakers similar to most standard HiFi speakers that we have seen so far. It offers 2-channel listening experience, making it perfect for vinyl players as well as a home theater system. And since these are compact bookshelf speakers, you will find them quite easy to install, whether you are putting them in your living room, or your bedroom.

But when it comes to performance, the Fluance Elite High Definition speakers manage to compete with its alternative options from the premium budget range with its specifications. First of all, it has 5 inches large primary drivers paired with 1-inch tweeters. These specifications provide a highly versatile sound range and respond to a frequency range of 60 Hz to 20 kHz. on top of that, the enclosure of the Fluance Elite High Definition speakers is made up of engineered MDF wood whereas the tweeters are made up of Neodymium, ensuring a premium build quality.

Best features

  • Bookshelf type speakers
  • Comes with 100 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 60 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Build quality is very good


  • Engineered MDF wood to reduce resonance
  • Ferro-fluid cooled tweeter for an extended lifespan
  • Large primary drivers and tweeters


  • Highest frequency response is lesser than a few other options

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9. Kanto Speakers for Vinyl

Kanto Speakers for vinylIf you haven’t found a perfect companion for your professional-grade turntable yet, take a look at our next option from Kanto. This is also a premium brand that specializes in WFH essentials along with many computer accessories and speakers.

The Kanto YU6 is also a set of powered speakers designed to be used by studio-level installations since it has a set of 5.25 inches large  Kevlar primary drivers coupled with 1 inches silk dome tweeters. These drivers are enclosed in handcrafted MDF wooden cabinets to keep the resonance levels at a bare minimum. Even with the large primary drivers and tweeters, the overall height of the Kanto YU6 does not exceed 10.7 inches. Thus, they are as easy to install as any other budget option.

You will also find built-in wireless connection support with Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX technology. This feature is known to offer flawless audio streams even without a wired connection. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of these speakers whether you are using a turntable or a smartphone. It also has a built-in phono preamp which allows you to connect these speakers to vintage as well as modern turntable without any loss in quality.

Best features

  • Speakers with subwoofers
  • Comes with 200 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Comes with a built-in phono preamp


  • 25 inches large drivers with 1 inch tweeters
  • Offers great performance for low-end sound notes
  • Handcrafted MDF cabinets for a durable build quality


  • A few other options are more affordable

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10. Knox Gear Speakers for Vinyl

Knox Gear Speakers for vinylIn the end, we will offer you yet another cheaper alternative from Knox Gear which is ready-to-use with a turntable out of the box. Unlike the majority of brands that we have seen so far, Knox Gear is a versatile brand that deals with many different types of audio accessories along with peripherals.

Rounding up our picks for the best speakers suitable for vinyl players, we have the Knox Gear LP1 Powered Bookshelf Speaker. Since it is a cheaper option, you should not expect much in terms of sound levels from this unit. But, you will still get a pretty good frequency response from the unit as Knox Gear is ensuring a response range of 55 Hz to 20 kHz. It is possible thanks to the standard 4 inches primary driver of the Knox Gear LP1 Powered Bookshelf Speaker paired with a 13 mm silk dome tweeter.

Since the power capacity of the Knox Gear LP1 Powered Bookshelf Speaker is only 30 watts, you should use these speakers for your desk setup. And if you have a similar compact turntable, these can be the perfect choice for such a setup. And since the wattage rating of the Knox Gear LP1 Powered Bookshelf Speaker is low, they also consume less power to operate. There are no compromises made on the design and looks of the Knox Gear LP1 Powered Bookshelf Speaker as you will get an attractive wooden housing that suits most users’ themes.

Best features

  • Most versatile set of speakers
  • Comes with 30 watts capacity drivers
  • Frequency response range is 55 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Compact and affordable choice for a speaker


  • Offers standard 4 inches drivers
  • Wireless connectivity is available
  • Come with a remote for basic operations


  • Power capacity might be too low for large rooms

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Buying Guide For The Best Speakers for Vinyl

Without a decent set of speakers, your vinyl player would be nothing but a showpiece in your living room. To add actual functionality to the vinyl player, especially the newer ones that don’t have a built-in speaker, you have to get a great set of audiophile-grade speakers. Vinyl players offer an authentic analog audio output which is far more desirable than the standard compressed digital sound.

A premium-grade vinyl player will offer you the sound that the producer has intended to produce, but only if it is paired with a similarly high-end speaker set. Therefore, we have carefully chosen the best speakers you can find on the market right now that are suitable for vinyl players. If you want to know more about the important qualities of a speaker, take a look at our buying guide for the best speakers designed for vinyl players.

1. Wattage

Even if you get the best option available in your budget for a vinyl speaker set, you would not be satisfied with them if they are not the perfect choice according to your room size. While some users prefer to put their vinyl players in a compact room, most others would rather keep them on the display in their living room or study room.

For such installations, the room would be a lot bigger and would require a louder set of speakers to offer the required sound output for the vinyl player. It lets the user hear the smallest details present in the track. And if you get your hands on a speaker set with a larger wattage capacity, you will be able to hear the music at a higher sound level without any distortions.

Since checking the loudness level of the speaker is quite easy, you can simply take a look at the wattage rating given to the set and pick the one that seems perfect for your room. On our list, you will find vinyl speakers ranging from 42 watts all the way up to 200 watts. Thus, you can easily select the one that suits your requirements the best.

2. Frequency Response

In order to receive an accurate sound production from these speakers, you will have to ensure that they are loud as well as capable of producing sounds from a wide range of frequency notes. Therefore, you should also check the frequency response range supported by the speakers along with their wattage rating.

The frequency response range simply tells you about the frequency range within which the speaker driver can respond, in order to generate the sound. As you can imagine, the speakers that have a wider frequency response range are more versatile and accurate since they can produce more varieties of sound notes, which is not possible with a limited frequency response range.

The perfect frequency response range also depends upon what types of music you would usually play on your vinyl recorder. If you are a fan of high-bass music, you will have to ensure that you are buying a speaker where the lowest frequency response level is at least 50 Hz, if not lower. In general, you should prefer the set that offers the widest frequency response range so that you will be able to play all types of songs without any drawbacks.

3. Driver Size

A highly important factor that a lot of users seem to miss out on while buying a set of speakers is its driver size. The driver size, or more importantly, the primary driver size of the speaker is different from the unit’s physical size.

You may find various options on the market that might look large from the outside, but may house compact drivers, making the performance of the set undesirable. Therefore, it is necessary to check the size of the driver installed inside the speaker instead of the size of the speakers themselves. The drivers installed in your speaker greatly affect its performance whereas larger units will deliver a much better performance in comparison.

If we only consider the bass progression, a larger driver is still a suitable option since they are capable of pushing more air while generating bass, thus creating a powerful bass output. Therefore, 6 inches or 8 inches driver speakers are usually preferred to get a powerful bass output from the system. However, you should also check the size of the secondary driver if you want balanced sound experience.

4. Connectivity

Even if your speakers offer the best specifications and output quality that you want with your vinyl player, they still need to be compatible with your unit so that you can connect them to your vinyl player without any hassle. For that, you should check the connectivity options available with your speaker set and make sure that the same is available with your vinyl player as well.

If you are using a turntable vinyl player, you must check the ports on the output of the player and ensure whether your speaker set offers the same or not. But, if you want a versatile set of speakers which you can use with other devices as well, you should consider going with ones that offer wireless connectivity as well. If the speakers offer Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, you will be able to connect your smartphone, laptop, or table to the speakers wirelessly to quickly listen to your favorite music.

Even though the quality of the sound would not be as good over a wireless connection as compared to wired, the option of ease of connectivity offered with wireless speakers is always great to have. And if you are looking forward to having a high-quality output from your speakers, make sure that it supports inputs such as ¼ inch TRS, ⅛ inch TRS, balanced XLR, RCA, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

Ans: While looking for vinyl speakers or any professional-grade speakers, you will come across 2 types of options that are active speakers and passive speakers. The major difference between these units is that active speakers have a dedicated amplifier built-in with the unit that drives the unit. On the other hand, you will need an external amplifier to drive passive speakers to get the best output quality. Even if you are buying a 3-way active speaker, it will have 3 separate amplifiers to power each driver.

2. Where should I place the speakers in the room?

Ans: The ideal installation position for your speaker would be in such a way that the speakers are equidistant from your listening position. In simpler terms, the speaker and you (the listener) would form 3 indices of an equilateral triangle. As for the distance between you and your speaker, it completely depends upon how powerful your speakers are and how loud you actually prefer while listening to your favorite songs.

3. What is the difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers?

Ans: 2-way or 3-way is basically the type of driver configuration used for the speakers. If you go to a more premium-price point, you will even find a 4-way driver configuration on speakers. This is basically a technical way to represent how many drivers are powering the unit. For example, a 2-way speaker is a simple speaker with a basic driver configuration of a woofer and a tweeter. On the other hand, a 3-way speaker includes a tweeter, a midrange driver, and a woofer. If you want the best performance, you should pick a speaker that has more drivers since it has a better sound separation.


It is quite difficult to find the perfect set of speakers that offer an authentic tone, especially if you are going to use the speakers with a vinyl player. Since vinyl players use a vinyl disk instead of digitally compressed soundtracks, it is all the more important to pair one with a high-end speaker set if you want to get the best listening experience with your sound system. Today, we have offered a wide selection of options that are a perfect match for vinyl players.

You can get more information about each of our picks along with a list of best features, pros, and cons so that you can have a detailed insight about each product which is necessary before you make a choice. We have also included a buying guide for the best speaker for vinyl where we have discussed the most important qualities of these speakers, allowing you to choose the best option under your budget. If you are still not sure which option is the right choice for you, kindly take a look at our top picks present here.

  • If you want a high sound output capacity on your speaker set, we will suggest you go with the Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers. These speakers offer up to 200 watts output capacity which will be sufficient for medium to large-sized rooms without any problem. These speakers are enclosed in a 10.7 inches MDF cabinet casing along with silk dome tweeters and 5.25 inches large Kevlar drivers to deliver a great performance out of the box. You will also have a wireless connectivity option on the Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers via the Bluetooth connectivity option.
  • Although, if you have a basic turntable setup, it would be better to invest in a cheaper option that is more suited for your system. The Knox Gear LP1 is one such option which also happens to be the cheapest selection for a speaker set designed for vinyl players on this list. This speaker set comes with a 4 inches driver, offering an output capacity of 30 watts. Still, this is a highly versatile set that can be used as a bookshelf, outdoor tower, subwoofer, or wireless indoor speakers.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the Audioengine A5+ Plus speaker system for those who simply want the best performance from their premium range vinyl player. This is also a highly powerful unit offering an 8 inches driver with a maximum output capacity of 150 watts. This set has analog class A/B power amplifiers with dual analog inputs so that you can connect multiple devices to the speaker at once. It also includes a 24-bit DAC and Bluetooth aptX connectivity technology to further improve the wireless performance of the set.


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