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10 Best Balance Bike To Start any Kid Riding


Balance bikes, as the name clearly indicates, are special types of bikes designed for children in the 1 to 8 year age group. You can even find some special options that are suitable for toddlers. These bikes are the safest option for your children as they teach them how to balance without the possibility of falling off or losing balance. And since these bikes are quite small, you can let your children ride them indoors without any problem. If you are also looking for such a bike for your kids, here are some factors that will guide you towards the best option as per your needs.

  • Ideal Age Group: Even though balance bikes are specifically aimed at kids of all ages, it is necessary to find the right option based on a suitable age group for the bike. If you are buying a balance bike for a toddler, it would not be a good idea to get one designed for the age group of 5 to 8 years and vice versa. Therefore, we are including a wide range of options on our list, offering a suitable age group from 18-48 months up to 5-9 years.
  • Bike Height: You should also check the height of the bike to ensure that your kid can safely ride the bike without missing out on all the fun. The height of the bike you are going to buy should be based on the height of your child so that they can learn how to balance and ride the bike without a lot of trouble. The best way to get an idea about the height of the bike is to check the wheel size. Some bikes also offer adjustable height options that make them an even better option for the future.
  • Build Quality: Since balance bikes are going to be used by children, you cannot count on their carefulness and stability while they are using them. As a result, balance bikes are usually dropped, struck, and even thrown off by a lot of kids. Therefore, it is more than necessary to ensure that the balance bike you are going to buy can survive these incidents. And it is possible to do so by checking the build quality of the balance bike beforehand.

Today, we will introduce you to the best balance bikes available in the market for a wide range of age groups. And to help you pick up the right option, we will also discuss the crucial details of a balance bike along with their specifications, pros, and cons. This way, you can easily understand the product fully and get an idea of whether it is the right option for your young one or not. You can also consider checking out our “Buying Guide” in case you have a doubt about the features and qualities of a balance bike.

Best Balance Bike

Best Balance Bike Reviews

1. Strider Balance Bike

Strider Balance BikeThere are a few brands in the market that have been supplying children’s toys and accessories for quite a while now and Strider is one of them. Their Strider-12 is one of the best options from their wide range of balance bikes.

Coming in 1st position, we have the Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike. This is one of the highly versatile options available on our list that can be a great choice for a lot of buyers. This bike is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years. Therefore, you can even buy this bike as a shared gift for siblings.

The Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike manages to be compatible with all age groups thanks to its adjustment options. You will be able to adjust the height of the Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike between 12 to 20 inches so that it can be the right fit for kids of all ages. Despite the adjustment options, the Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike still weighs around 6.7 lbs and maintains a durable construction thanks to the steel body.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 18 Months to 5 Years
  • It has 12 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Steel
  • It allows 12 to 20 inches height adjustment


  • Great option for future
  • Can be a shared gift for siblings
  • Adjustment options are pretty good


  • Considerably more expensive than other options

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2. Croco Balance Bike

Croco Balance BikeOn the other hand, if you are in the market for a rather affordable balance bike, then take a look at the TheCroco balance bike. This is also a pretty decent option for those who want a larger balance bike for grown-up kids.

In the 2nd position, we have a budget option for the best balance bike. The TheCroco Balance Bike is also one of the many options offered by this brand that can be perfect for kids of all ages. This particular balance bike on the other hand is suitable for kids from ages 2 to 5 years. This also happens to be one of the most lightweight options on our list, weighing about 6 lbs only.

With that, you can make sure that your child won’t have any trouble pushing the bike around while riding it. Coming to the comfort level, the TheCroco Balance Bike also offers ultra-soft hand grips, padded seats, a gripped footrest, and even safety-end screws for added protection. All the adjustments on this bike can be done without needing any tool, making it a handy option for outdoor use.

Best Features

  • Suitable for kids and toddlers
  • It has 12 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Carbon Steel
  • Tool-free adjustments


  • Comes with no-puncture tires
  • It has long-lasting bearings
  • Brand is offering 2 years of warranty


  • Not suitable for toddlers

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3. Chillafish Balance Bike

Chillafish Balance BikeAs you might already know, balance bikes designed for grown-up kids won’t be suitable for toddlers or less than a year old children. Therefore, we have a special choice for such riders from Chillafish.

The Chillafish Charlie Toddler Balance Bike, as the name suggests, is the best option amongst all of our choices for toddlers. Since this is a pretty compact bike, you will also get it for the least expensive price tag from these picks. The Chillafish Charlie Toddler Balance Bike is well suited for toddlers ranging from 18 to 48 months of age.

Still, you will get 10 inches of no-puncture tires on this bike along with an adjustable seat and handlebars. This way, you can change the bike’s size according to the growth of your young one. The seat of this bike can be adjusted between 11 to 14.6 inches whereas the handlebar supports up to 20.1 inches in total height.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 18 Months to 48 Months
  • It has 10 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Steel
  • Weighs only 5.5 lbs


  • Perfect choice for toddlers
  • Overall build quality is pretty good
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar height


  • Not suitable for kids above 4 years of age

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4. JOYSTAR Balance Bike

JOYSTAR Balance BikeAs we are discussing affordable options for a balance bike, we have one more option to show you from JOYSTAR. JOYSTAR is also one of the major suppliers when it comes to kids’ toys and accessories.

The JOYSTAR Balance Bike is yet another highly versatile option that we have selected for our list of the best balance bikes. Just like our 1st pick, the JOYSTAR Balance Bike is also suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years, offering a future-proof choice to many parents. This bike comes with 10 inches wheels which are good enough for indoor usage and the overall weight of the bike is just shy of 6.4 lbs.

However, the adjustment options on the JOYSTAR Balance Bike are pretty good. This bike offers a metal frame design supporting the seat and the handlebar. As for the height of the seat, you will be able to adjust it between 12.6 to 17.7 inches in height, thus supporting your child perfectly as they grow.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 18 Months to 5 Years
  • It has 10 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Steel
  • It offers up to 75 lbs weight capacity


  • One of the most versatile options on this list
  • Quite affordable for the features
  • Build quality is pretty durable


  • Looks aren’t as attractive as other options

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5. Banana Balance Bike

Banana Balance BikeBanana Bike also has a great choice landing on our picks today that is designed for grown-up kids. Apart from that, you can find LT balance bikes and even sport balance bikes from Banana Bike.

The Banana GT Balance Bike is yet another delightful option on our list of the best balance bikes on the market. This bike is tuned to fit 2 to 5-year-olds so that they can learn how to balance on a bike just before getting their hands on an actual bike. Despite being one of the larger options for a balance bike, the Banana GT Balance Bike is quite lightweight and offers a weight carrying capacity of about 55 lbs.

The Banana GT Balance Bike also has an adjustable seat that can change the maximum height of the seat from 32 cm to 44 cm. Plus, it also has foam tires that further reduce the weight of the bike while offering a puncture-free performance. The best part about the Banana GT Balance Bike is its extra thick tires that give a better balancing aspect to the bike and makes the ride smoother.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 2 Years to 5 Years
  • It has 12 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Steel
  • Features foam tires


  • Maintenance free bike
  • Seat height can be adjusted from 12.2 to 15.7 inches
  • No air required in the tires


  • Designed could have been better

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6. Bixe Balance Bike

Bixe Balance BikeWhen it comes to looks and design, there are not a lot of brands that quite match the product quality of Bixe. Even though this is one of the premium options from Bixe, it still managed to sell over thousands of bikes just for that.

Up next, we have an attractive as well as a highly suitable option for grownup children from Bixe. The Bixe Balance Bike is the only option that can be a suitable choice for a higher age group, between 4 to 9 years to be precise. This is a rather large balance bike paired with 16 inches wide wheels, making it a perfect choice for grown-up kids.

The Bixe Balance Bike is similarly lightweight and requires no tools if you were to assemble the unit from the shipping package by yourself. You also get the option to adjust the seat as well as the handlebar size with the help of a simple allen key, which is included in the package. Since grown-up kids would also need an assuring footrest, the Bixe Balance Bike comes with a wide footrest to make the ride more comfortable.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 4 Years to 9 Years
  • It has 16 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Steel
  • It weighs only 14.9 lbs


  • It offers the best design in this class
  • Can be used for outdoor riding
  • Offers maximum 22 inches seat height


  • Not suitable for children below the age of 4

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7. Retrospec Balance Bike

Restrospec Balance BikeRetrospec is also a brand that deals with outdoor essentials including a wide range of toys and accessories for kids. You will find a variety of options for water sports equipment, bikes, skates, and other outdoor toys for kids.

The Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike is yet another great option that you can buy for your kid right now and watch them enjoy for many years to come. The  Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike is designed for 2 to 5-year-old kids, offering them a safe and intelligent way to learn to balance before they get an actual bike.

The Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike also introduces a rather unique look and design that will surely stand out in the crowd. The frame of the Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike is made up of steel so you can rest assured about its build quality. There is minimal assembly required to use this bike and it ensures little to no maintenance despite rugged usage.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 2 Years to 5 Years
  • Air-free tires
  • It is made up of Steel
  • Durable frame design


  • Suitable age group is pretty good
  • Safe and lightweight balance bike
  • No maintenance required


  • More adjustment options should have been provided

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8. Birtech Balance Bike

Birtech Balance BikeWhen it comes to kids’ toys, the most popular options seem to be the ones that offer a bright-colored exterior along with good features. So, we have decided to include the following option from Birtech that offers just that.

The Birtech Balance Bike is also a highly versatile balance bike on our list today that can be a perfect pick for kids in the 2 to 6 years age group. It also has 12 inches wheels which makes it one of the best options for outdoor applications. And since the larger wheels make the balancing a bit more difficult, it will train your kids to balance a real bike even better.

Despite weighing only 6.2 lbs, the Birtech Balance Bike can carry up to 40 lbs weight without any problem. Therefore, you can feel safe about your kids using this bike at their growing age. And unlike most other options, you will get a carbon steel frame on the Birtech Balance Bike that will offer you the best weather resistance all year around.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 2 Years to 6 Years
  • It has 12 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Carbon Steel
  • Anti-rust metallic frame


  • Offer the best build quality
  • Made up of eco-friendly and non-toxic material
  • It has a weight capacity of up to 40 lbs


  • Adjustment options are limited

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9. Yanshida Balance Bike

Yanshida Balance BikeIf you are still looking for a budget-friendly balance bike, we have a few more choices left on our list. Out of which, the following option from Yanshida is a great choice for many age groups.

The Yanshida Balance Bike is one of our most affordable options for a balance bike, offering great specifications without a premium price tag. Even though the bike itself is pretty lightweight, it can carry nearly 77 lbs weight which seems pretty assuring for the given age group of 2 to 5 years. It is possible since the Yanshida Balance Bike is also made up of carbon steel.

The Yanshida Balance Bike also has EVA foam tires so that you don’t have to face flat tire issues while using the bike outdoors. Using the Yanshida Balance Bike on uneven terrains is also not a problem since this bike has 12 inches-wide tires. In the package, you will find the Yanshida Balance Bike partially assembled and ready to go.

Best Features

  • Suitable for ages 2 Years to 5 Years
  • It has 12 inches wheels
  • It is made up of Carbon Steel
  • Features great structural rigidity


  • It is capable of carrying up to 77 lbs weight
  • Features EVA foam tires
  • Larger wheels than most other options


  • Not a suitable choice for toddlers

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10. LOL-FUN Balance Bike

LOL-FUN Balance BikeIn the end, we are bringing the perfect option for toddlers from LOL-FUN. This is also the cheapest option we have in this category and it offers a balanced structure suitable for toddlers.

Finishing up our list of the best balance bikes, we have the LOL-FUN LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike. As the name suggests, this bike is designed for babies below 1½  years of age. As you can imagine, it is not possible for such young drivers to balance the bike on their own. So, the LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike features 2 wheels on the front and 2 wheels on the back for a completely balanced ride. It should still be a pretty fun ride for your young one without the effort of balancing the bike.

The LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike is focused on babies who are just learning to walk so that it can help develop their skills as well as indulge a natural balancing skill that would be helpful for their growth. Despite being the most affordable option, the LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike is made up of aluminum alloy and offers a soft PU seat to increase the comfort level. Even in terms of design, the LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike is made in such a way that it will appear appealing to your young ones, making them happy every time you bring it out.

Best Features

  • Suitable for toddlers
  • Balanced bike for babies
  • It is made up of Aluminum
  • It has a PU soft seat


  • Helps with the natural balancing skills of babies
  • 135 degrees limit steering
  • No need to balance the bike


  • Not suitable for babies over 2 years of age

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Buying Guide For The Best Balance Bike

Raising a kid is definitely not an easy task. While the kids are at a young age, you need to carefully pick up the best quality products when it comes to their toys and accessories that will survive harsh usage as well as have a positive impact on the skill development of your child. Therefore, a lot of parents choose to buy a balance bike for their kids to encourage them to learn how to balance a bike before they get their hands on a real bike.

This way, you can ensure that your child can have a fun toy that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. And since there might be a lot of buyers that are looking for a balanced bike for the first time, it can get a little intimidating to find the right option amongst thousands of choices available out there. To help you get the right one, we have prepared this list of the best balance bikes. We will also discuss some of the important qualities as well as features of a balance bike in our buying guide for the best balance bike right here that you should read before making up your mind.

1. Ideal Age Range

Even though a lot of parents get a balance bike for their children around the age of 12 to 18 months, some decide to put it off until they are a little older and stronger, around the age of 4 to 8 years. Therefore, choosing the right balance bike according to the suitable age group is an important decision.

You might also be looking for an upgrade for your child since their previous bikes made for a lower age group might be looking a little too small for them right now. To ensure that you end up with the right option, we have specified the ideal age range with each of our options for a balance bike. So, you can easily focus on the options that are suitable for your child, neglecting the ones that are either too small or too large for their age. It can help you shortlist the best options easily and get a futureproof choice in the first go.

2. Bike Height and Adjustment Options

Another important factor for a balance bike is the height of the bike. A lot of children struggle to ride the bike properly if the height of the bike is too much for their age. And since balance bikes are designed to teach the kids how to balance, such an option will not be an ideal choice for them. The best way to ensure that the height of the balance bike is right for your child is to make sure that their leg can easily reach the ground when they are comfortable sitting on its seat.

So, it all comes down to the height of the seat. And as you may have already noticed, balance bikes do not have pedals. So, the only way your child can ride a balanced bike is by pushing it manually to gain momentum and then balance it on a gentle slope. This is only possible if the height of the balance bike is perfect for their legs.

You can also look for balance bikes that have a height adjustment option so that the bike can be upgraded according to the growth of your child. It also helps if you are buying a single balance bike for siblings with around a 1 to 2 years of an age gap.

3. Comfort

Children usually don’t like a toy or an accessory unless they are comfortable playing with it. Therefore, the comfort level offered by a balanced bike should not be ignored as it can result in the bike getting thrown off more frequently than their other toys. The comfort level of a balanced bike usually depends on the seat height, the material used for the set, and the length between the handles and the seat itself. The best comfort is offered by those bikes that allow the right posture for your child while they are using it.

Sometimes, you could end up with a bike that encourages the wrong posture and your child would not leave it alone for an hour. This can potentially damage their posture and create back problems at an early age. Therefore, you need to carefully check these factors before buying a balance bike for your kid. On the other hand, if the bike you chose for your child is the right option in terms of comfort, they will enjoy it a lot more and pay more attention to balancing it, making it a much better option in comparison.

Generally, you should prefer a balanced bike that has a soft and comfortable seat along with a wide handle design to encourage the growth of your child and make it a better option for years to come.

4. Tire Size and Grip

Lastly, let us talk about the safety offered by a balance bike, which is in turn the safety of your child which you wouldn’t want to compromise at all. The safety factor of a balance bike is usually dependent on its tires, similar to most other types of bikes. When your child handles the bike for the first time, they are bound to fall off a bunch of times until they learn to balance the bike properly. But, having a wider tire with a strong and grippy surface can avoid the damage and make the balancing part pretty easy, even for toddlers. It can also be beneficial if you are going to let your kid ride the balance bike outdoors where the landscape is not even and might have a slippery surface. With a balanced bike offering a better and stronger grip, you can easily let your kid ride it on a grass field or in the sand, which you will usually find in a park. Such terrains also minimize the damage to your kid in the instance of them falling off of the bike, which would happen from time to time. Some balance bikes also offer foam tires which can be a better alternative since you won’t have to refill the air in them, nor will you face flat tire issues while using the bike outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best age group for a balance bike?

Ans: While there are balance bikes designed for a wide range of age groups, it is beneficial to gift your child their first balance bike between the ages of 18 months to 3 years. As this is a pretty eventful age group for a child to develop their physical abilities and skill, riding a balance bike at this age will allow them to catch on to the balancing part pretty quickly. And with that, you could feel safe about giving them a regular pedal bike at the age of 4 or 5. However, even if you have missed the chance, don’t worry. You can also find larger balance bikes that are suitable for an older age group such as 4 to 9 years. It is still a better option compared to other alternatives to teach your child how to balance.

2. Are balance bikes better than regular bikes with training wheels?

Ans: You might have noticed a lot of kids around the block using training wheels on a regular pedal bike instead of a balance bike and might wonder which option is better. The answer to that question is a balance bike. With training wheels, your kid does not have to make any effort to balance the bike, which might significantly delay the development of their ability to balance a bike. On the other hand, balance bikes do not have any assistance when it comes to balancing apart from your child’s foot touching the ground. While it might be a slightly tougher option, it will help them catch on with the mechanism of balancing at an early age.

3. What are the advantages of a balance bike?

Ans: There are a handful of benefits of balance bikes that make them an ideal choice for a lot of parents.
It allows a better comfort level compared to other alternatives.
It can be used on uneven and rough terrains without any problem.
It gives the experience of riding an actual bike.
Adjustment options on a balance bike make them a future-proof option.
No training wheels are required with a balance bike.
Kids that practice on a balance bike can easily pick up balancing on a regular pedal bike without much assistance.


There are a lot of options available if you are looking for a gift for your child for next Halloween or Christmas. However, it is always a better option to give your child something they can have fun with as well as develop their abilities while using it. One such option is a balance bike which is quite famous among a lot of parents. These are special types of bikes designed for children to teach them how to balance on 2-wheels at an early age. If you are not sure how to pick up a perfect balance bike for your kid, worry not. We have the best option listed for you right here. We have also included a buying guide in case you are not sure which factors you should prefer while choosing an option. To make the choice even easier for you, we will leave you with some handy recommendations right here.

  • If you are looking for a futureproof option that your child can use for years to come, check out the Strider-12 balance bike. This bike is suitable for the age group of 18 months all the way up to 5 years, making it the most beneficial choice for the long term. It manages such a wide suitable age group with the help of adjustable seats as well as handlebar height between 12 to 20 inches. It is also a pretty durable option since the frame of the Strider-12 is completely made up of steel.
  • However, buying an overly expensive balance bike that your kid cannot use for a couple of years will not be an ideal choice for a lot of parents. Therefore, we have a pretty cheap option from Chillafish on our list that is designed for toddlers. The Chillafish Charlie Toddler Balance Bike is designed for kids of age 18 to 48 months by keeping the bike compact and lightweight. It has 10 inches wide foam tires that ensure a 0-maintenance performance. You can also adjust the seat and handlebar height from 11 to 14.6 inches in height to suit the growth of your young one.
  • Lastly, we will suggest going with the Bixe Balance Bike if you are looking for the perfect option for a grown-up child. This bike is well-suited for ages from 4 to 9 years, offering a great companion to learn balancing before trying out an actual bike. This is also one of the safest options on the market, designed and finalized after rigorous testing. You will also get an adjustable seat, adjustable handlebar,  thick rubber tires, and a wide footrest since your child is going to need them while riding the bike. In terms of design, the Bixe Balance Bike is quite eccentric and appealing for kids of all ages.


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